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Best Food to Eat Before Morning Training and After

From monday I will start training in the morning at 7am. I will get up around 6am eat some food and drive to the gym.

I was thinking of eating a small banana omelet

  • a small banana
  • 3 hole eggs
  • cinema
  • coffee or green tee

Have a pre-workout drink and a bcaa drink while training.

After workout I will drive 1/2 an hour to work and eat oats with whey protein.

Does it sound like good plan?

banana omelette sounds fucking rank but nutritionally there’s nothing wrong with it

Its actually not too bad. Cosmo and buzzfeed sell it to you as a 2 ingredient pancake. With cinnamon and vanilla it takes kinda like french toast.

I usually mix a scoop of whey with heavy cream and/or peanut butter with a bit of salt, cinnamon, vanilla and chilli powder if Im fedling frisky. Pretty good

1 hour to wake up digest and get to the gym might cause stomach problems. If I need to train early I wake up and eat atleast 2 hours preworkout. Personal preference though

Thats also my concern. Maybe I should only have a banana + a small whey shake

If you have decent metabolism 1 hour is fine even for large meal, what you posted is fine.

Are you trying to grow?? If your trying to put on mass and lift heavier weights 1 banana and whey isn’t much for energy and recovery. If your trying to grow I’d wake up earlier and have a good meal.

If your just trying to stay in shape or lean out the whey and banana is fine. Eat for your goals and schedule accordingly.

Thanks all for the input. I start out with a small omelet and take it from there.