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Best food for protein???

Calling all T-men and T-vixens! My question is this…In your humble/not so humble opinion ,what do you think (and why) is the best protein source available for building that lean muscle tissue that we all desire. FOOD ONLY please! A complete protein that may even have additional nutrients (omega 3’s,creatine, etc.). Whaddayathink and why??? All replies appreciated.

Lean red meat (ie top round, sirloin). Because I like it.

The food protein source that is best for putting on lean muscle mass is without question egg-protein. It has the highest Biological Value (rate of absorption into the body is the best). However, sports supplements have brought about Whey protein (a by-product of pasterization), which has a higher BV. If you decide to supplement protein, purchase a Whey protein that is not been de-natured.

A wide array of protein sources is always best, but in my opinion, whole eggs are king… they’re cheap, easy to make, portable (hard boiling), and have a great amino acid profile.

rare red meat by far. eat a bloody steak before you lift heavy and see your strength increase.

I think Heb got it, even though he was posting his opinion. Even though eggs are the best protein source, it all boils (no pun) down to what do you prefer? I wouldn’t want to eat eggs ALL the time. I prefer a nice, tasty sirloin - or anything in the red meat arena. just love red meat! But I’ll have a egg with my oatmeal, and maybe a hardboiled eggs for snacks. Oh, and red meat also contains creatine - added bonus for us confirmed carnivores.

Salmon (because it provides vital omega three fatty acids) along with beef.

Lowfat cottage cheese. it is versatile, slowly released in the bloodstream, and I just like it damnit

Heb is right on the money. Humans are made of red meat; doesn’t it make sense to eat more of what you’re made of if you want to grow? Then again, eating hair and toenails sounds kind of nasty…Eggs are great, too; they score very well on all the measures of protein quality.

The question you should be asking, is what AND when in the best protein for this blah blah blah…

during the day i believe meat is (slowburning, but not as slow as casein) they aalso did a study on body compsition of police officers who ate whey vs Casein, the casein group did much better… night time caseign (8 hour amino acid destrobution, stops muscle loss during the night), pre and post workouts eggs would be (Good BV value)… eating JUST one food protein would be unwise…

I think lowfat cottage cheese. It’s full of casein and whey and releases slowly from the digestive system. Although I would rather eat steak.

Just the other day i saw a sticker on the back window of a car saying “if we are not supposed to eat animals, then why are they made out of meat”.
So true. Beef rules.

I support the meat camp personally. I used to eat a lot of protein powders on the grounds that whey had the best BV and meat by comparison wasn’t near as good. But all the whey powders ever seemed to do was make me fat. When I changed to meat I made fantastic gains and leaned out considerably.
But I think it was Berardi that said in his recent article that the more different types of protein you’re eating the better as they all have different roles. No flame but I think this ‘best protein’ argument is the dietary equivalent of the machines vs free weights debate.

Posts this well eating half a chicken You cant beat Chicken and Turkey IMHO. Skinless of course. High Protien, Low Fat, and tastes DAMN good.