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Best Flavorings for PW Drink

What are some of the most palatable flavorings/additives that you have come up with for the whey hydrolosate PW drink? I know this topic has been discussed quite a bit previously, but not much for the past few weeks. Hopefully someone has come up with some improvements during that time. I know Surge is coming out soon, but I have a bunch of PW drink raw materials that I would like to use up without puking.

You might want to try peanut butter and Herseys chocolate syrup. I haven’t seen that one recommended by anyone.

I use lemon juice, and just enough dextrose to make drinkable. Some say kool-aid is the best, but I’m way too lazy to go and buy some. All in all lemon/citrus flavors and extra sweetners are your best bet.

Here’s the best I’ve been able to come up with at home…Crystal Light (1 full packet - a 1.5 L serving size) in 1 L of pw shake mix. Now the flavor is important…it has to be cranberry. Raspberry and mixed berry do ok but still smell and taste bad (no puking though). The cranberry is downright tolerable and I can get it down very fast. Its amazing that this is the only flavor that seems to work. I guess the bitterness masks the bitterness of the BCAA and hydrolysates. I owe this “discovery” to my training partner because her favorite drink is cranberry juice. So I just tried the cranberry crystal lite to make her happy…and it worked! The problem is that this concoxion, while tolerable, gives me GI distress. So it’s a trade off. Bring on the SURGE!

HyaSynth thanks for the info. I ended up calling the protein factory with the same question after I posted and they recommended a citrus flavoring too. Their other recommendation was root beer, but I think that may interfere with some of the PW drink’s effects.

Thanks John I’ll give the cranberry a try too.

Actually, I’m the one that told P.F. about the “diet” root beer. If you use diet you don’t really change anything nutritionally speaking. I used the diet A&W. I have also tried diet Sprite which is ok, but the root beer is better in my opinion. I could drink it down fast without wanting to gag as John B. said. Try it and I think you’ll like it. My problem is I ordered fruit punch flavoring. I should have got chocolate or plain with just Splenda.

Also, sugar/fat free pudding seems to do the trick also. Half a packet of chocolate works very well. It would probably be almost good (well average anyway) if my powder was also chocolate flavored.

I’ve had very good look with these flavorings and I could stand using them in the long run. I am still getting some Surge, though, just to see if the proper ratios make that big of a difference.

Call me nutzo, but I’m starting to actually get to the point where I like downing the shakey dakes. No, it’s not GROW by any means, but I dump in 1/2 to 3/4 of a packet of Kool-Aid or Stop the World, I want a Wyler’s drink mix, and it’s not that bad. Of course, some flaves are better than others.

Beer makes it yummy!

This is going to sound weird, but don’t knock it until you try it. Try using hot salsa.

I packet of unsweetened Lemon-Lime flavored Kool-Aid mix(3.6 gram size packet)in 16 oz.
It tastes slightly bitter but definitely tolerable. I don’t add sweetener.

Have any of you tried the Atkins syrups? I get them at GNC. no carbs, no protein, and pretty sweet…just a thought. I think the raspbreey is the strongest and I use 3 tbsp in each shake.