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Best File-Sharing Network?


What program do forum users utilize to download mp3s, videos etc?
I need something idiot-proof, like Napster and/or Kazaa.
(I got rid of Kazaa because of all the spyware)

So, now I've read about Bearshare, GNutella, Limwire, BitTOrrent, etc but the more I read the more confused I get.

Recommend a program to me, and if someone could tell me about a FAQ that would explain these things I'd appreciate it.


try overnet. www.edonkey.com. Takes forever to actually get the files, but it has the largest selection I've seen anywhere.


hey sonny,

Have you tried kaza lite, apparently it is meant to be free of all that spyware


IMO, nothing beats WinMX.


i'll second WinMX
easy to use, you can find almost anything, and fast downloads if you got cable...


Forget kazaa lite..
Go for kazaa K++, you'll wonder why you haven't been using it!



the new morpheus is pretty good


I was using Kazaa Lite, and it was horrible towards the end but maybe I had an older version?

I will try all of your suggestions, thanks.


I am using Bearshare and it is working great for me. I had issues with the different versions of Kazza as well, so I switched over to Bearshare.


the best one i ever used was Kazaa Lite K++ v2.4.3 and it was all i ever needed (still very good today) but my bro is studing law, and since he has told me the penalties for these crimes i have decided to go clean.


GUYS THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT- I don't know what I did, but I can't see the video on both Windows Medi a Player or Real One!!

WTF? I downloaded KazaaLite again and was trying to download some videos.

I went into my shared folder to play back some of the ones I already had previously, to double check before I downloaded other ones.

Well, I get the audio on all my old videos, but I don't have any video at all! Help!

I've got close to a 100 wrestling and MMA videos, and (of course) a good amount of porn, and I want to share them but..could they be corruped?

Or is it just the players that are the problem?

Let me know!


what about file sharing for hard to find drum and bass, and acid jazz, house, etc???? any good ones?


Although it's not a file-sharing program you can find whatever you need on the newsgroups.

search for xnews and read up on how to use them.


CHuy, I'll give it a try when I have some time


Seriously t-folk, I can't see any of my video files!

What did i do wrong?


Newsgroups aren't bad. IRC is a good place too, especially if you know of a xdcc spider.


I just dl ARES last night and its working great.


Kazaa files were corrupted, I just uninstalled it.

I'll now give Win a shot, see how that does.

If it doesn't pass muster, I'll try the others


ARES is imho that best file sharing network. It is easy like kazaa but with no add/spyware. All the files work too. download it at download.com


SonnyS, you might not have the video codecs for that particular file. Look for a program called G-Spot. It tells if your computer has the required video and audio codecs that can play back your files.