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Best Fights in Non Fight Sports


Patrick Roy & Chris Osgood

Ron Hextall & Felix Potvin

And on of the best fights ever in hockey

All I know are hockey fights, so post whatever sport you want. Obviously excluding boxing, MMA, wrestling ect...


hahaha. Good idea for a thread man. Those hockey fuckers are brawlers.


Here is another good one

Zdeno Chara vs. David Koci - Battle of the Giants


Jonathan Roy vs. Bobby Nadeau

Now a lot of people bash Roy for this, but Nadeau the other goalie is just standing there. With a record like Jon's dad, you gotta expect it. Especially when the dude crosses the ice to come at you, and dude just stands there. What a fool.


Great idea for a thread Rattler!

Here's some water polo fights. I've been told the sport is actually pretty brutal at times


And probably the best fight in the history of hockey...1987 Canada vs. Russia, World Juniors

Canada won this easily


great thread. cool fights. i love how in hockey they just let them settle it themselves as opposed to immediately stepping between them


Ryan v. Ventura, with the bonus porno stache on Olberman


Paul O'Connell Vs. Jamie Cudmore

Watch to the end to see why it all started off


State of origin 1995

State of origin 1984

Brisbane Broncos VS New Zealand Warriors

Gordy Tallis vs Ben Ross - short fight but still a good one.

Under 20s, Cowboys vs Broncos


Jordin Tootoo vs Brad Staubitz

Tootoo gets whooped.




Can you really call hockey a non-fighting sport?

Bob Probert vs Marty McSorely


Red Wings kicking Avalanche ass.


I remember back in 1991, there was a brawl when Miami played at SDSU. The shit went into the stands and cops had to come, it was pretty crazy to watch on TV.


Anybody remember this?

It was funny as hell, stupid fat bastard. Haha


Why he is the king


Can't believe no one posted this:


Romanian rugby fight.

Check out #15 who gets a pass from the scrum half and could easily score a try, but decides to join the fight instead, throwing the ball at an opponent :slightly_smiling:


Opposite angle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46V2Jg6AujE


Shit man, some of those guys in white should get stoned. They just left their guys alone to have the shit kicked out of them while they watched. So not cool.