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Best Fighting Style for Taller People?


Long story but I currently have the need to defend myself from this crazy dude who thinks I'm trying to steal his wife. He's bigger than me, and taller... around 6'6 250, ex football player. Anyways he gets in my face after I squat (and hes completely misunderstood the situation, and it 100% wrong) and starts going batshit. Then follows me out of the gym... I get to my car and he walks away. But hes been followin me around so I'm completely not safe.

It dawned on me that I don't feel very confident fighting. I've decided to begin learning. Any ideas on the best practical combat learning for someone 6'5 215? Yes, I searched the forums typing in keywords like "tall" and "combat" together. Couldn't find anything with substance. I would greatly appreciate any help. I assume boxing is going to be the most frequent reply. I could train most likely twice a week.


Dymdez (currently hiding in his sheets from a crazy black man)


Boxing and Mace(seriously) and btw if he keeps fucking wit you call the cops so that if anything happens it is already on record that this guy is threatining you.
the real world isnt a movie and u r not sure u will get a fair one(FAIR FIGHT)
if you do encounter this man


Sanshou mixes takedowns and striking for optimum defense and offense. I assume you would be encountering this dude in the street so im not going to recomend any ground fighting (Concrete hurts!) However if you keep encountering him and he keeps badgering you....you need to call the cops.


First tell the gym staff if he's doing it in the gym. Then call the police. If he starts anything, kick him as hard as you can in the nuts.


Wouldnt that be like shooting a bear with a bb gun


this is some serious catalog ninja responses here


c'mon son gettheduckoutdaherewiththatbullshit

but lets pretend this thread is 'real'

go to the police and file a retraining order
train at a different gym
is this 'man' a student? report it to the gym, school etc.
that is what you do as an adult.

and for those of you following along that want me to say something stupid

if you really are feeling unsafe as mentioned a can of mace goes a long way

if he follows you to your car- he is menacing you running him over isn't too far fetched.


I definitely understand the legal issues at hand. I am definitely not stupid, I just want to use this situation as my outlet into what otherwise is something I should have been looking into before.

Sanshou is without a doubt one of the coolest looking things I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I live in western mass, where they think Sanshou is probably something that's in sushi. I'm not sure if I could travel the distance necessary to find someone who can teach it. But god damn it looks cool.

I like the way you think. This man is probably 15 years older than me. Mid thirties, this is a public gym. I really don't want to get the cops involved because once this dude understands that his entire premise for being angry towards me is wrong, he is going to feel stupid and apologize. How many of you guys really have a can of mace? Come on...


And as for the 'kick him in the nuts' theory, I'm not sure If I want to go down in my gym's history as the guy that tried to kick some dude in the nuts before getting pummeled.

Thanks guys.


For self defense, I'd go with boxing and/or judo. Actually, I'd recommend boxing and judo for anybody in any situation lol

That said, if this dude's already getting in your face, you're not gonna learn enough in time to have it when you need it. Call the cops. Mace. Taser. Whatever. Don't trade with a guy that size unless you have a SERIOUS technique advantage.


I just read your last post. I don't want to get laughed off the "Combat" forum, but this has worked for me before, no joke.

Buy him a beer. If he's an older guy and you're pretty sure he'll act right when he figures out what is or isn't going on, just say "Hey man, let me buy you a beer and we'll sort this thing out."


If he has been threatening you this much and has yet to hit you then I got some news for you, HES A FUCKING BITCH! He's a loud, yappy, fucking oversized cur dog. Next time you see him in a parking lot start swinging and do not stop till you know that he can't get up. Then run his pockets and tell him next time you see him you have another pay day.


Good point and I'll emphasize that too. Don't try and trade with him at all. Next time he gets in your face start calmly positioning your body to throw your strongest punch and throw it with no warning. Then come back with the other and do not stop throwing. This ain't boxing and there are no bells are rules.

Do your dirt and do it quickly as possible and honestly I can't see it taking that many punches. He'll probably hit concrete after the second if you place your first punch well. After that nothing fancy just make sure he ain't getting up so you can get your hands in his pockets. At the end of the day its not worth a charge though so keep that in mind.


Ok, thanks for the post. Judo and Boxing combined, got it.

You know what, I think we can be friends lol. That's funny shit, but I don't know, he seems like he's always so close to losing it. He's got that look in his eye that someone has when they just lost the most valuable thing to him. The first thing he said to me when he was screamin was "GOD DAMN I cant beleive what niggaz will do for some pussy", cuz he thinks that a 21 year old kid is the reason why his 40 year old wifey broke up with him. What a fucktard.


Well he sounds like one of those people who have actually convinced themselves they are hard or bad. That look in his eye comes from him actually believing he is a force to be afraid of. However if he has yet to do anything there is no other possibility, he is a bitch. Take advantage of that.


What the fuck, pick any combat art you like, you're not going to learn anything that will save you in a few days of training.

Your best option here, actually your best option regardless of learning a combat art or not, is pure aggression and violence of action. While he's talking, ask him a simple question that will engage his brain such as "dude, what is your problem?", as soon as the question has left your mouth, hit him square in the jaw as hard as you can, and then keep pummeling him till he's dropped.

Alternatively, while he's in your face, you could just grab his balls and squeeze. He'll be the titleholder for world's toughest man if he doesn't immediately drop in pain.

As for your long term development of self defence skills, pick a pragmatic art (e.g boxing, kickboxing, judo, BJJ etc etc - the latter two I'd recommend more as support systems to a mainstay like boxing) and stick with it, develop a healthy appreciation of body language, and learn just to be a little more paranoid.


There's a lot of awful posts in this thread.

You should not be worried about what "fighting style" to take up- Freddie Roach couldn't teach you how to box well enough quickly enough to have any affect on this situation, and a martial arts class will teach you just enough that you'll be confident enough to walk into your death on your own two legs.

This guy sounds like he's got some issues, and on top of that he's a huge, athletic motherfucker. That being said, you need to switch gyms, file a restraining order, alert the gym workers, and act like a grown up about this. See a lawyer.

If he follows you into the parking lot and you just turn and hit him, that's called assault where we come from. Congrats. If it doesn't work, and he beats you to death, you lose then to.

You need to get the fuck away from this guy one way or the other, because guys whose wives leave them tend to be in a very fragile, dangerous mental state, and you've already said yourself that you're not much of a fighter.

If he really assaults you, and you're truly acting in self defense, you must be absolutely brutal if you have any chance of winning. But if it gets to this point, you're already fucked one way or another.

Avoid this situation like the plague. It will end badly for you.


Asking what combat style is the best in a forum is pointless. Everyone will probably just say their own style that they happen to be doing.

If you want to learn a martial art or something, do the one that interests you most. If you are interested in it then you'll be more motivated to train. Check out a couple of the local schools, talk to the teachers and watch the class. If there's a teacher that gives you a good vibe and you like the style, then go for it.

Fighting this guy isn't going to help you out. Like mentioned above, you won't be able to learn fast enough to be of any use. Keep things legal and go to the police. Even if you are in the right but end up getting in a fight, it makes you look bad.


hey at least your 6'5, 215 against a 6'6 250 man...only an inch and some weight difference. Imagine if you were 5'7 and 180lbs! haha I'd say consider yourself lucky.

Yeah and first of all...your not gonna learn SHIT in a few days...I'd say your best bet..since you are not a fighter...just talk to him. I'm sure you could talk to him. Anyways if that doesn't work do what everyone else said. That's pretty much your best AND MOST SAFE BET.


Honestly, watch some movies, Bloodsport and Rocky comes to mind, do some coke and you're good to go!

And I say be an aggressive dick when he shows up, tell him to fuck off and that he's a weakling - hey, he's only bigger, taller and more athletic then you, what's the worst that can happen?


I think you need to man up a little bit...if you talk to him and whatever like I said and he's still doing this shit..just flat out tell him...man leave me the fuck alone, I don't care about your fucking wife and you should ask yourself why she left your ass...go talk to her, this isn't my problem so just fuck off I don't wanna hear about it anymore.

Seriously man if some guy was bugging me that's what I'd say...and no I'm not just saying this cause it's the internet..I WOULD say that..you just gotta tell him how it is. Tell him as well Man I don't want to fight you, and I'm not going to..I'm just telling you what I think, and you need to leave me alone.

If that doesn't get through his head...then you have to take matters into your own hands (police whatever you choose). I think that really would do the trick..be firm about it.




thanks guys, I will update you all if something happens. I have decided to go for boxing afterall with a minor in bjj or judo, I understand this will take a long time, but I think its going to be a worthwhile decision..

If my posting mysteriously stops in the coming weeks, I took the wrong advice.

P.S. There is no "talking" to this guy, the second he sees me, he goes into super saiyan berserk mode. He does not let me get one word into the conversation before waving his arms in my direction or walking away. I tried this every time, didnt work.


also...don't make a habit of chatting up crazy guy's wives....just not a good plan