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Best Fight Scene Ever



Are you man enough to handle this? I don't think so.



theres just too much there to comment on...


That was fucking brilliant.


Wow. I've never been punched so hard that it made me drool. Amazing.


I thought you guys were being sarcastic, but that was a brutally realistic scene. Almost too real.

Reminds me of a fight i saw last friday night outside a nightclub. Savage.


"Keep an eye out for ya, Stingray."



I now believe in God.

Why was Peter North fighting the guy from The Tubes?

"We'll keep an eye out for ya, Stingray."


Michael Douglas getting his ass kicked by a towel wielding Kathy Griffin. I think that's what I saw:)


Almost as good as Ricky Oh, legend of Ricky.


I used to work in a warehouse right after college. We used to have fights like this a couple of times a month. The turnover at that place was crazy.



I used to work at this warehouse a few years ago. A lot of the help they used was found through a temp agency and often times the majority were Mexican. One day there was this hot little Mexican girl working there, but she didn't speak any english and my spanish was horrible.

We exchanged phone numbers -- well I gave her mine and she gave me a phone number. I tried to call a couple times, but couldn't get past the person answering the phone. I don't think she ever called me. And soon, like all the other temps she was gone. Ah, young love. If only I would have learned a little more spanish


"Yeah!...See Yah!"


The woman is Cynthia Rothrock.


that was awesome. but wasn't that the dude patrick swayze killed in roadhouse getting killed again by mr. "high-impact gyrations" himself john basedow ?


What about the South Park cripple fight? I thought it rated pretty high on the list of best fight scenes ever. (LOL!)


Aw, man... the vid doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Well, at least the good doc found a great pic of Cynthia. Babe-o-licious.




See It. Love It. Believe It.


CR is about nearly 50, she still has one hell of a bod. She did some stuff in the nak, photos, just google her name then go to google images.