Best “Feel Good” Cycle?

I am 49 yo. 150 lbs. on TRT 200mg split ed injections IM I have done 3 cycles and started at 130 lbs. My first cycle was 400 t cyp and, 250 deca no AI and no AP. I gained size but was quite watery - then pissed it all out. Second cycle was 400 test, 250 eq no ancillaries. It was great! Excellent drive and mood! My most recent cycle sucked from a side’s standpoint and I lost total control and cut it short. It started with 400 test and 250 eq. I started having terrible bloat and low energy, added in .25 Adex eod then ed then .5 eod then ed. I completely lost control of the cycle. I am confused as to why (with the exact same batch of gear) that this difference in response would happen. As stated above, I am currently cruising on 200 test with no AI.
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The Rockefeller stack: Test/primo/anavar/GH


For me it’s moderate testosterone/masteron combo. Nothing crazy dosage wise, something like 3-400mg ea per week.

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Same for me. 350mg each of test & mast for 12 weeks, felt amazing. Didn’t help my hairline tho

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Ever get e2 checked? Could’ve overdone it

Thank you so much for the responses. Yes, I crashed e2 to the basement. I also discovered I can’t tolerate AI’s. I will pick up some masteron and Anavar. I’m going to wait and cruise for a long while until I feel better. I’m still reeling from it all. It was like whack-a-mole with sides, and I just lost complete control of the situation. I got over confident after the second cycle. I’m hoping I can get back to feeling good on my 200mg trt. Man, did things ever go sideways.

Is it common for guys to run two DHTs in unison