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Best/Fav Fat Loss Programs


My story:
Age: 26
Weight: 220lbs
BF: 17%
Training for 15 months

Goals are to get to about to 10% in about 5 months or so but also looking to maintain as much LBM and strength as i can.

Looking to hear what others have used for programs and which programs offer the best results.

i am on T-Dawg diet around 2900 cals per day and using:

Low carb Grow
Micronized Creatine
Hot Rox
Mult Vitamins
Udo's Oil (lots of it)
Eat dry curd cottage chees by the tub

I am currently in week #3 of OVT and it is working well as I have dropped about 10 lbs mostly fat although a little LBM in my legs which I am ok with as they are very muscular now and i have now problems putting on mass in my quad area.

My strength has gone up even though I was on a keto diet until this week.

I also do 2-3 post workout HIIT (JB's 15 minute running man on the bike) and 1 Fasted state 45 min cardio.

So what are your recommendations for a good follow-up program and amount of energy session work?

i was leaning towards a 5X5 program for the first time.


OVT? I wouldn't do that while on fat loss program! Too much volume.. Anyway, I did use my own modified Westside training with reduced volume. I did only one HIIT a week but I managed to lose 5lbs of fat and a few lbs of muscles. It might not seem much but I did not have that much to lose, probably 10%BF to begin with. I used t dawg 2.0 but I wasn't strict on counting calories and stuff like that. I honestly think doing some heavy compound exercises at reduced overall volume is the best way to go while on fat loss programs, none of those extra isolated exercises. Save them for mass gain program when you eating more foods!