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Best Fat Loss Supplement?

I am 20 years old, 188lbs 6’ .05 tall.

I am taking a lot of CLA EPA DPH everyday and taking protein shake
CLA - 3000mg
EPA - 2100mg
DPH - 1500mg

I am also on Meat Vegetable diet.

So far it has been working Great for me. I have gotten stronger and i am noticing decrease in body fat.

But i was wondering what kind of Fat Loss supplement i should take to help my fat losing progress?? i have heard of

HOT-ROX Extreme


I know there are a lot of fat loss supplements out there Any recommendation and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

you’re on a Biotest site, what do you think most will recommend, lol.

my GF and one of my clients are on their second bottle (HRX) and are seeing great results along with proper nutrition and a sound exercise routine

With the Vin Diesel articles for novices which Padilla7921 offered to me, as for the extreme of HOT-ROX as expressed, it is the best selection out of many offered in your post that is original.

Im on a meat vegetable diet too. Care to elaborate?

HOT-ROX is awesome, and is definitely recommended.
What’s your diet?