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Best Fat Loss Regimen?

Is GW-50 really safe?

Is fasting the easiest way to go?

I’m a little too high bf to want to fill my veins with testosterone. I would like to trim up first.

What helps this easiest? An ADHD prescription?

No… who told you it was?

Yes, but this is a bad route to go down if you don’t actually have ADHD (and it won’t be an adequate substitute for diet/exercise). The meds used to treat ADHD are usually highly addictive

Diet and exercise. Shortcuts don’t last if you don’t have diet and exercise in check.


Do any PPAR agonists work safely for fat loss?

You’d be looking at Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta agonists, of which the only I know of are telmisartan (to an extent), GW501516 and GW0742.

The answer to your question is… no

Have you tried proper nutrition, daily walks, and training?

I’ve never been out of shape before. I was always very low bf before the virus thing.

This. Intermittent Fasting is also helpful in my experience.

IF involves like 18-hour fasts, or days at at time?

I used to naturally eat maybe one solid meal a day in the evening before relocating.

Google it.

There are several ways to do it. I think the best is just limiting your intake to a window - for me, it’s eight hours, known as 16/8. You can start with 14/10 until you get used to it. Some do 5/2 - five days regular, 2 days at less than 500 calories. Not a fan of 5/2.

The idea is that you give all of your digestive tract a sixteen hour break to clear toxins and digest food.

I believe, maybe wrongfully, that it helps to recomp. But, read the lit and decide what is best for you.

If you are lifting, you need to time your workouts. Some people lift fasting, but I found it worthless. I would eat first, then lift an hour later.

Good luck.

Seems like an easy shortcut.

Nothing is easy, lol, but it is a good hack.

So you counted everything to the gram/oz till the virus hit? Maybe go back to that

I’m not a big fan of IF because I barely hit protein in my full day window. Not gonna try that in a shortened window.

Use the Info around the site
Do this…

or this guys stuff, and you will lean out very fast…

Diet, dont eat junk + monitor your carbs
If want to take ‘something’ start off with Hot Rox and EGCG pre workput and L-carnitine with post workout meal

No, just lived a more social life.

I hate dieting, probably more than anyone you’ve ever met. No matter how hard I’ve tried to come with a solution I always find myself at the same place: if you want to cut fat you have to just eat less. There’s no magic out there (that you can justify using assuming you care about your health). The laws of thermodynamics apply to us no matter how much we wish they didn’t sometimes.

Being warm blooded, you could sit in an ice bath and burn calories though. That would be using the law to your advantage.

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I hope you want to fill your veins indirectly through your muscles and then your arteries, otherwise I don’t think this is the smartest way to go about testosterone injections

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Would sublingual dosing before a workout do anything special for gains?