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Best Fat Loss Programs

What’s your best fat loss programs guys? Any suggestions?


Meltdown I


Meltdown II


Meltdown III


Fat to Fire I


Fat to Fire II


Thanks a lot man. I appreciate.

A six-month Renegade program worked for me.

Look at Christian Thibaudeau’s “Running Man” program – sprints take the fat off.

psmf or maybe fat fast with 3 full body sessions a week, 2 sets of 6-8 reps.

IMHO it’s not so much the program but the diet!!

The last year I’ve been training Westside and have watched my diet with pretty good results. (Pictures at “Thank you T-mag”)

Don’t be in a hurry. Rome wasn’t burnt in one day;-)

Anyone know if its possible to view all Chris Thibodeau’s articles on t-mags cause I know he wrote a lot on fat loss/maintain LBM training…

Ex: If I do a search…I just want all thibodeau’s articles on a specific subject…is it possible?