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Best fat loss/mass build plan u like?

Since T-mag has soooo many articles for
1)Fat loss programs
2)Mass gain programs

I was wondering which were your personal favs in each category and why?You see,I have been trying to sift thru many previous issues and I cannot seem to digest them all,so I wondered how they worked for u all.I have never been on t-mag programs,altho I try to apply the principals that they present.Pls reply.

Massive Eating and T-Dawg are great. “Foods that make you look good nekid” isn’t a diet, but it’s a very good article on food choices. The Growth Surge Project is also very good and complete (diet and training) for mass gains.

I’m considering the “Anabolic Diet”. VERY curious to see what that’ll do to me! This particular diet can be used for both adding mass and getting lean. But, yes, “Foods that Make you Look Good Nekkid”, is great.

Massive Eating and it’s little brother Don’t Diet are my favorites. After eating this way for over 8+ months now, I’m not sure that I could eat any other way. Sure, I mix P,C and F together once in a while (can’t resist a good peanut butter sandwhich with a tall glass of milk), but in general the format is great. I eat all of my P+C meals for breakfast and after workouts and fill the rest of the day with P+F meals. Works great and is easy to follow.

For cutting up the Body Opus diet beat everything else hands down. It was even better than the T Dawg diet. I barely lose any LBM on it compared to other low calorie low carb diets. Sometimes I feel even fuller while on it. But it’s a very grueling diet and workout routine ,especially the full body depletion day.

I agree about BODYOPUS, I did it for 8 wks. lost about 16lbs., but it is not for the weak or timid, and it’s not fun!!