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Best Fat Loss/Get Ripped Stack?


I'm a mixed martial artist and am just coming off of a training injury and am going back to training and the gym today...the problem? I'm out of shape & fat. I want to lose weight, get ripped & basically be an animal in the cage and want something to help me out in the form of a fat burning &/or testosterone boosting stack...any suggestions?

I was reading about the HOT-ROX/Low-Carb Metabolic Drive/Se7en stack; isn't Se7en for women? Can men take it as well? Any success?

What about a HOT-ROX/Alpha Male stack or some sort of fat burner/test. booster stack?

Thanks in advance for all the help...


Shugart mentioned in one of the V-Diet thread that Se7en works fine for men. HOT-ROX Extreme has Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male does too, and the consensus is you don't want to double up on that.


There's no reson I know of not to "double up" on the Carbolin 19--I have used 4 cap/day several times before. I'm pretty sure a max dose of HOT-ROX is equivalent to 2 caps of Carbolin 19, probably the same for Alpha Male. In fact, someone (Shugart, Roberts?) suggested adding a cap of Carbolin 19 to each serving of HOT-ROX for added effect.

I used the old version of Se7en (Methoxy-7), which is supposed to be far less powerful. It worked well for me to increase fat loss, hold onto muscle, and as a hardening agent. Shugart, in fact, can't tolerate stimulants, so he combines Se7en with (I think) 4 cap/day Carbolin 19. The Carbolin 19 will aid in retaining muscle as well as increasing--or at least maintaing-- thyroid hormone output while dieting.




4 caps of Carbolin 19 a day is not a "Double Up", it is the MAX dose. Doubling up on Carbolin 19 would be 8 caps a day.

Good info on the SE7EN (Methoxy-7), do you still use this? Or are you one of those that won't use it any more now it's marketed towards Women?

I just bought a 5 month supply but haven't started using it yet.



Sorry, LR; I don't have a bottle of Carbolin 19 right now, so I was remis in thinking 4 caps/day was a double up. I have only used the older Methoxy-7 and have not tried the newer version. It's NOT that I don't think it would have value--in fact, I believe it could be a very good supplement--but, rather, that I'm just not in a place where it would provide the best bang for my buck given my present training/supplement routine.

Honestly, I use a lot of supplements and I try not to overlap and make my routine incredibly complex--it's already expensive and complex, in my opinion. I do believe you will really see the Se7en product shine if/when you are fairly lean. This is not to say it won't help you get there--it will--but that it seemed to me to really stand out as a physique hardining agent.

I think it's a shame that Se7en is marketed almost exclusively toward women; you see very little discussion of it by males, who, in my opinion, could benefit from its use.

Anyway, please keep me posted on your use of it--i'd be very interested to see what you think.