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Best Fat Loss/Get Ripped Stack?

I’m a mixed martial artist and am just coming off of a training injury and am going back to training and the gym today…the problem? I’m out of shape & fat. I want to lose weight, get ripped & basically be an animal in the cage and want something to help me out in the form of a fat burning &/or testosterone boosting stack…any suggestions?

I was reading about the HOT-ROX/Low-Carb Metabolic Drive/Se7en stack; isn’t Se7en for women? Can men take it as well? Any success?

What about a HOT-ROX/Alpha Male stack or some sort of fat burner/test. booster stack?

Thanks in advance for all the help…

Shugart mentioned in one of the V-Diet thread that Se7en works fine for men. HOT-ROX Extreme has Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male does too, and the consensus is you don’t want to double up on that.

There’s no reson I know of not to “double up” on the Carbolin 19–I have used 4 cap/day several times before. I’m pretty sure a max dose of HOT-ROX is equivalent to 2 caps of Carbolin 19, probably the same for Alpha Male. In fact, someone (Shugart, Roberts?) suggested adding a cap of Carbolin 19 to each serving of HOT-ROX for added effect.

I used the old version of Se7en (Methoxy-7), which is supposed to be far less powerful. It worked well for me to increase fat loss, hold onto muscle, and as a hardening agent. Shugart, in fact, can’t tolerate stimulants, so he combines Se7en with (I think) 4 cap/day Carbolin 19. The Carbolin 19 will aid in retaining muscle as well as increasing–or at least maintaing-- thyroid hormone output while dieting.


[quote]crowbar46 wrote:
There’s no reson I know of not to “double up” on the Carbolin 19–I have used 4 cap/day several times before.

Crowbar [/quote]

4 caps of Carbolin 19 a day is not a “Double Up”, it is the MAX dose. Doubling up on Carbolin 19 would be 8 caps a day.

Good info on the SE7EN (Methoxy-7), do you still use this? Or are you one of those that won’t use it any more now it’s marketed towards Women?

I just bought a 5 month supply but haven’t started using it yet.


Sorry, LR; I don’t have a bottle of Carbolin 19 right now, so I was remis in thinking 4 caps/day was a double up. I have only used the older Methoxy-7 and have not tried the newer version. It’s NOT that I don’t think it would have value–in fact, I believe it could be a very good supplement–but, rather, that I’m just not in a place where it would provide the best bang for my buck given my present training/supplement routine.

Honestly, I use a lot of supplements and I try not to overlap and make my routine incredibly complex–it’s already expensive and complex, in my opinion. I do believe you will really see the Se7en product shine if/when you are fairly lean. This is not to say it won’t help you get there–it will–but that it seemed to me to really stand out as a physique hardining agent.

I think it’s a shame that Se7en is marketed almost exclusively toward women; you see very little discussion of it by males, who, in my opinion, could benefit from its use.

Anyway, please keep me posted on your use of it–i’d be very interested to see what you think.