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Best Fat Gripz?


Looking to order some Fat Gripz... Totally new to this concept. What are the best quality and worth getting?


Here's a review by Jedd from Diesel Crew about some of the models out there,


Some guy on here made his own out of the swimming "noodles" kids use at the pool

Probably cost $1 (!!)


If speaking about that specific brand: the orange ones (Extremez!!!1 or whatever) are better than the regular blue ones, I think.

Same shit, just make for a "fatter grip," but it lights up by forearms quite a bit more. Between the two, I'd only recommend the blue ones to a girl or a guy with girlish hands.


I used some foam pipe insulation from the hardware store to create handles for doing parallel bar dips with two barbells. Cost $1.50 for 6' of it, and I used maybe a foot and a half. Label says 'fits 3/4" copper, 1/2" iron'.

There's also higher density rubberized pipe insulation.

This will make the grip thicker, but the foam will compress. For dip handles, it's fine; much gentler than the bare barbells. Would probably work decently for OHP and curls too. Definitely won't work for deadlifts.

But... for less than $2, you can find if it will work for you or not.


That's what I did.

One Pool noodle makes me like 6 individual grips. They wear down after a few months, but I only use them for curls mostly.


Extremes rock (just start out using them sparingly)


Had my fat gripz for over 3 years now and still love them. Use them every time I train. They added so much size to my biceps, forearms and delts (dont ask me how they helped my delts but they make a huge difference). The fat gripz extremes are great too but definitely start with the original (blue) ones. You will probably need a few months with those before you move up to the fat gripz extreme.