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Best Fat Burner?


Anyone know what the best fat burner is?


Try HOT-ROX Extreme from the store here


simple to get and OTC: HOT-ROX extreme

Unreal fat burning stack but harder to get with potential hard sides: ECA (ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin) stack

Clenbuterol works quite well (beta-antagonist), also hard to get. His little cousin Albuterol also works great, easier to get, less harsh sides, and shorter acting (3-4 hour half life). Pretend to have asthma to your doctor and ask for the liquid form of salbutamol for "convenience" reasons.


Any fat burner recommendations(OTC) that don't involve changing thryroid levels? Thats the reason im very reluctant to take HOT-ROX even though i hear almost nothing but positive things about it


Perfectly put JoeyD...



By the way i forgot to mention im 16.. i think that may change which fat burners i can take.


you forgot DNP and thyroid hormones, seriously to the op though just eat right man and lift hard the supplements that are safe are not going to do that much.


shizen is right. If you are 16 HOT-ROX is too harsh of a stimulant. ECA stack and clen/al aren't exactly side-effect free.


Well...you could try green tea pills high in ECGC if you want to try something natural first. Worked great for me. Now I'm currently using HOT-ROX Extreme though.


What are your stats? Height/weight/ lift numbers? Do you play any sports?



I only add this because you don't say what else you are doing.

Exercise and a quality, clean diet.

These have by far the biggest effect, there is not magic pill substitute for them, and the only side effects are increased fitness and better health. If you don't have these well in hand, that is where I'd concentrate my efforts. If you are having trouble losing fat, post your exercise routine and diet to the appropriate forum and get advise.

The supplements may help go that extra bit, but their impact is much smaller than supplements (& I'm taking a few myself, so I'm not advising you to avoid supplements, just have your priorities in order).

If you're already doing all this, please disregard.


I'm 5'5, around 135ish. I don't do deadlifts because i hurt my back a while ago but i was doing 150 and that was after only doing deadlifts for a month. I squat about my body weight and I bench 50lb dumbells. I play road hockey 2-3 times a week.


This is my workout at the moment.


back extensions
wide grip lat pullups (5)
lat exercise (80)
t bar rows (70)
db shrugs (65)
tricep pushdowns (85)
1 arm tricep pushdowns (35)


db shoulder press (40's) or bb shoulder press (75)
lateral raises (15's) supersetted with lateral raises with 12's
reverse flys (60)
squats (35 on each side)
leg press (45's) or leg extensions (175)
lunges (20)
seated leg curl (125)
standing calf raise on smith machine (45's)
seated calf raise (160)


incline smith bench press (30)
bb bench press (20's) or press machine (80)
flys (30's)
pullovers (50)
db curl - (30's)
bb curl with ez bar - (17's)

My lifts are a bit low because i just started this routine 2 weeks ago.. but im making rapid weight increases on most exercises and consuming around 1650 calories a day. Also is green tea a good idea to take when trying to build muscle or only when trying to cut ?


You don't need a supplement to help lose fat.

You just need to continue to workout and learn how to best eat to acheive your goals.


1650 calories a day? how are you still alive!? don't worry about the fat just eat more and lift more. Once you pack on more muscle it's easier to shed fat.


but i cant really tell if im gaining muscle or fat if its covered in fat..


At two weeks in, it is probably too soon to worry about cranking in that little bit extra a supplement might get you. I'd agree with JoeyD20, 1650 is probably a bit low for you given your activity level.

Remember, eating too little can make it hard to maintain muscle and will sabotage the fat loss in the long run, as your resting metabolic rate will likely suffer. Remember, the best fat loss plan, barring someone getting ready for a bodybuilding show, is slow and steady. Something that helps you stay fit and is sustainable.

Try logging your food and exercise on a diet & exercise software (you can use FitDay free online) and see how your calorie budget is. Remember that you can't lose more than about 1/4 to 1/3 a pound of fat a day, so anything over about 1,000 calorie deficit is going to be muscle sacrificing with no real fat loss benefit.

I'd aim for about half of that to help maintain lean mass. See how things go for a month, then tinker from there. If your waistline is getting smaller, you are making progress. If not, cut some more calories or add some more exercise. If you are seeing your waist shrink, and no muscle gains to the chest & hips, add a bit more food.

There are just so many variables in this process, and it takes time to tailor your program to get good results.


If you are working out and your diet is in check, you will gain both. How lean your gains are depend on your diet and your workout split.

You can't expect to gain muscle without any fat. It doesn't work. You bulk for a long time, then cut. After your cut you will see the rewards. Fat burners help in keeping your gains leaner, but they aren't magic pills, and certainly nothing a 16 year old should be fooling around with.


I meant i started this new routine 2 weeks ago... I've been working out for a bit under 2 years.. but only have been going pretty intense/good nutrition habits for the past 8 months or so.


What about green tea pills? Aren't those natural?