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Best Fast Food?

I’m currently bulking and was wondering what the best fast food to eat is. I know the answer is none but that is what im around everyday. I would rather eat fast food than nothing and loose all of my gains. Im 6’ 180, 18 years old if that helps any. thanks

for straight bulking without concerns of % of proteins, carbs, etc…I would go with Carl’s Jr…seems to be the most full of useless calories. Useless except for gaining weight and bulking.

95% of fast food is crap. If i was forced to eat it I would go with Wendy’s. Get a grilled chicken sandwich and throw away the bun and get your meal with the chili instead of the fry’s. Also go with the iced tea instead of a pop.

The other option is to go with Subway. It’s not a drive through but the roasted chicken breast, not on white bread, is good.

Gotta go with Chick Fillet. Sure the sandwiches are breaded but its a lot of protein. Also, try Arby’s plain roast beef.

Now for some REALLY good fast food go to Hardees (Carl Jr.) and get the sourdough bacon burger. Goddamn thing is huge. The sourdough bun is toasted in butter with a thick beef patty. You’ll be up at midnight shitting it out, but damn is it worth it!!

errr…I mean I’ve been told its good. I’m a strict T-Nation dieter and would never go near that type of food!!!

THe best fast food is your favorite fast food, as it is all equally bad. But yes the worst part is the buns and frys.

And the wheat bun from Subway is probably white bread with some caramel color added. Besides a subway sandwich has like 60 grams of carbs and less than 20 g protein. If you’re gonna do that at least get a shake in with it.

THen again your 18 and bulking. My brother is 16 and plays football. I tell him to eat everything with the kitchen sink. Either way he won’t gain any fat. Bastard.