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Best Fast Chain Burger?

Been on a burger binge lately to try and find the best fast food burger. So far I’ve tried all the big ones except In and Out (fucking west coast fuckers)

My choice right now for top 3

  1. Shake Shack
  2. BurgerFi
  3. Five Guys

Everyone says In and Out is the best but I’ll have to wait till I get to the west coast again to try

Whataburger. But ONLY if you order a Tripple with cheese, plain and dry. Then dip it in regular ketchup. Must be fresh too


In N Out is overrated. I’ve been once in last four years.

I prefer Five Guys and the Habit. I probably only eat fast food burgers 4-6 times a year tho.

I did not like habit burger at all.

If you even worked in a meat process house where they kill and process cows and see what is used in hamburger you will never eat another one.

I have seen what makes hamburgers - I was a C.O. and had shifts with the inmates at the meat processing plant. The smells, the bleach, the products that we sent out - gross.

I still enjoy a good hamburger.

First of all, hamburgers can be made from leftover giblets or from porterhouses, so implying that all meat that is put through a grinder is the same is a bit over the top.

Second of all, I still eat fast food burgers about once a month without a single thought of how gross they are. But a real high quality hamburger, cheese, brioche bun, lettuce and tomato, some ketchup/mayo/garlic aioli, thick cut bacon and perhaps a fried egg? Goooooooooooooooooood lord, there’s nothing I could see that would put me off of those.


This is the only way I will eat a hamburger. Then I know it comes from one cow and what parts were uses.

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I bet you’re super fun at parties


KFC, zinger. Aussie KFC is way better than American KFC

it’s like atherosclerosis on a plate. I enjoy my once every 3 monthly KFC very much though

I’ve never worked in a slaughterhouse (although I’d be happy to work at one part time as like a janitor as for my age the pay isn’t bad), but where I live I have seen cows hauled onto trucks to be taken away, I’ve seen cows (not where I live, but elsewhere), standing in line outside the slaughterhouses (they appear visibly distressed, as if they know what’s about to happen to them), I’ve physically interacted with cows, horses etc, and I’ve seen documentaries like earthlings for some reason. None of it has convinced me to go vegetarian.

I certainly do “feel” for the animals and I do with many of these facilities were less cruel (and I do try to purchase free range eggs, meat, organic, locally produced stuff) however when I go to a resteraunt/ fast food I know this isn’t the case. However I don’t think anything could ever convince me to never eat a hamburger/meat again.

If what went on inside slaughterhouses was more visible though we would have a much larger public outcry about the treatment of animals, it all goes on behind closed doors in large, walled off buildings so the public doesn’t have to see the atrocities committed against the animals on a daily basis. My brother (twin, but fraternal, as in he’s about half a foot taller than I, very thin and pale and we don’t get along at all) is vegetarian, and fair game, I actually respect his decision on that particular issue… But when he tries to take the moral high ground for not eating meat I want to give him a smack lolz.

Cool - no one asked though so…I do not find my marginal utility increases substantially if I grind my own meat versus buying it already ground up versus buying it already made from some burger house.

Take your virtue signaling bullshit away from this fun conversation


I have to disagree. I’ve had all the chains mentioned, grew up in Texas on Whataburger, and In-N-Out has a better tasting burger. I find Five Guys to be overrated. Whataburger is a close second to In-N-Out, but it’s not as consistent from store to store.

The Hardee’s in Beaufort South Carolina had the best burgers on the planet.

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That’s a very fucking specific location …

that being said, they weren’t anything to sneeze at in Columbia SC either

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Culvers is way better than five guys, at least here in the midwest.


I’m not sure I’ve ever hard Hardee’s anywhere else, lol.

I’m in Texas and whatabuger is the shit followed closely by sonic.
We recently had some in-outs open but I wasn’t impressed. I don’t like small burgers. I don’t want to cheat myself when I cheat.

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Whataburger. Sweet and spicy bacon burger please!

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I know I haven’t … they don’t have any of those fancy burger joints up here … we just got Five Guys maybe 5 years ago or so … There might be a couple Shake Shacks up near Boston, maybe in Providence, but they aren’t ubiquitous like Hardee’s is in SC

EDIT: Shit, we JUST got a couple Chick-fil-a’s like a year or 2 ago

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Culver’s is legit! Their fries are only okay though.

Freddy’s is also very good. I believe their’s is ground steak (a steak burger). Freddy’s and Culver’s burgers are very similar, and I have them at 1 and 2 respectively. Culver’s burger is a bit bigger, but Freddy’s is a bit more flavorful.

Fuddruckers too.