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Best Exercises for Wider Shoulders, Thicker Neck

My problem is that I have a big head. So I want to compensate by increasing the appearance of wider shoulders and a thicker neck.

Secondary goals are getting bigger arms and thicker torso. I do not really care about my legs for now.

I have been out of the gym or not training for over six months now and I just got back today.

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post pics


overhead press, neck harness

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Don’t forget shrugging and cleaning motions.

You could also check out routines with the key words “power look,” “look of power,” and “progressive pulls.”

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OP, squats will make your neck and arms bigger too. Also, gain some weight please

Well…at least the OP is not complaining about a short clavicle.

Big head or is the rest of your body lacks lean muscle mass? height and weight?

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Injured or lazy?

Oh. Previous question answered.

Like the guys said, more details about your current size will help give some perspective. There’s no real secret. Presses, laterals, cleans, and direct neck work as part of any well-designed plan. This is one to check out:

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Gaining weight
Face Pull Everyday
Shrugs (Check out Steven Shaw’s “Power Shrug from Hell” on youtube)
Direct Neck work (Check out Alpha Destiny/Scott Herman’s one video on Youtube)

For shoulders: