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Best Exercises for Tire Flips


besides the obvious, training tire. what are the best gym exercises to help improve tire flips?

off the floor is the easy part, around the knee's has always been a week spot for me.

whats helped you guys get those big tires flipped?


Have you tried running into it like you're executing a tackle in football? I noticed it helped me create enough momentum for the top ROM to be non-existent, and totally momentum based. Also, I noticed hammering the top range of the deadlift and bench press helps, but it's preferred that you can use more hip than triceps strength. Hope it helps.


Deadlifts definitely help. Front loaded lifts like Zerchers and front squats probably help too.


Changing your technique might be the best way to improve your transition in the middle. Do you have any videos of you flipping a tire?


karlsen squats


plenty of cleans ad snatches followed by deads and heavy hang pulls....are you a one motion guy or a knee driver?



It's definitely a technique issue (as it is the case in 99% of all strong men with a decent strength base).


One of the best tire flippers in the nation (in my opinion) is Tyler Scott. He found snatches helped him tremendously! He likes to grip tires really wide as well.