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Best Exercises for Progressive Overload for Lateral Delts?

Paul, what do you believe the best movements to track progression for the lateral delts? Upright rows and BTN press?

I always have a few indicator exercise that i keep track of all the time…Leg press, SSB, RDL, Incline barbell, ect, but for shoulders i dont really have exercises that i focus on beating the log book on. I mean Lateral raises are good, but hell, every day i can add more and more body english to add another rep.

i guess my long winded question is…do you like UR rows with BB or cable as a staple delt exercise?

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Whatever you do, don’t pay attention to that shitty response above.

The incline Y raise is the one movement that gets the delts fully shortened. If you pair it with an overhead press where that’s a higher ceiling for progressive overload you’ll be covered fairly well.

I also like cheaty ass laterals a lot lateral delt growth. So long as you’re emphasizing the eccentric as much as possible. But if you can do say, 20 reps with 60 pound bells with a little bit of english don’t you think your delts will be bigger?


Ok ill try those Y raises!

Yes i see john meadows do those “swingers” with wrist straps going heavy as shit. Ill add those in also

Paul, do you do the y-raises with external rotation (pinkies up…I think)?

I did 3 sets of non-pinkies up, and then a 50% set of those bastardized one arm cable upright rows across the body. And 1 heavy ass work set of behind neck press.

Shoulders sore.

If you’re partially supinated at the forearm then the delt belly that will be on top is the anterior one. Which means you’re biasing that over the medial head. So you need to be pronated with the hands facing down to get the medial head “on top”.

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