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Best Exercises for Moving People?


I'm a nurse and the only male RN on the day shift, so invariably I get asked to do a lot of the heavy lifting on my unit with transferring patients. that involves either doing a bed-to-bed transfer (pull patient from one bed to the other) or a chair-to-bed transfer (or the reverse).

aside from deadlifts, rows, and squats (back, front, or Zercher) is there another movement I may be missing to help develop strength for these transfers?


Farmer Walks


load up a sandbag with, err, sand, start off with 100lbs and do loads of cleans and carries mimicking what you would do at work. progress eventually to 200lbs.


something like this?


I'm assuming the purpose would be to develop grip strength and to get used to dealing with an unstable weight.


Zercher carries & barbell walks.


haha Murse


Get stronger, if you get strong on barbell lifts it'll be easier.

If you want 'specific' drills use a sandbag or one of those dolls they use in the millitary for casevac drills. I guess a heavy bag would work too.


i was debating whether or not to go back to 5/3/1 but i think i want to continue gaining mass until i diet down again in february. maybe 5/3/1 + boring but big? hmm.

yea it had just occurred to me that training dummies are sold for this purpose. i'll look into getting one if it isn't horribly expensive, but i suspect front and zercher squats, deadlifts and rows should be the bare minimum here.

and yes i am proud to be a Murse :sunglasses: BSN is supposedly the most difficult bachelor's degree to attain now. those were a tough four years...


i guess one of the main things is to use proper form in your work as you do in the gym. it amazes me how people squat and deadlift well (maintaining lumbar arch) but then when they collect their plates they lift them with their backs all hunched over. or they do almost picture perfect lunges but round their backs when they pick up or put down their drink bottle.


I'm just fucking with you man. Being a "manny" for a rich family is paying for my college education.


yes i've noticed this too and try to maintain my lumbar arch whenever i load my erectors. that means that when i transfer patients, i keep my back arched, chest out, get big air and lift or pull.


hah yea i gotcha bro. we all gotta pay the bills somehow right?