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Best Exercises for Lats


Best exercises to get your lats big and wide?


wide grip, weighted palms facing away from you pulllups.


Row row row! :slightly_smiling:

Bent over barbell rows.
Bent over dumbell rows.


Including both rows and vertical pulling of some kind (chins, pulldowns) is preferable. Rack pulls are the king of back exercises, but I don't think you have the proper equipment in your gym.



There are four exercises for building your lats (according to Jim)�??dumbbell rows, chin-ups, dumbbell rows, and chin-ups.


Are seated machine rows that bad? I don't like Bent over rows :X


deadlift HEAVY and bent over rows are a good supp exercise as well as pulldowns


Ha ha ha...I was just about to post the same thing!


They are a great exercise.

Adding the lat/row attachment to my power rack was well worth it as I needed a break from constantly performing barbell rows and pull-ups/chins. Now I have more variety in my training.


I do bent over rows, I can do 80 in my right arm, which is the highest dumbell my gym has, it kills my hands even with gloves and I got wicked calisis. Doesnt even have a deadlift bar, I did deadlifts with the curl bar... Ive noticed improvements.


Deadlifts will not build your lats.

Chins, pulldowns, and rows. Play with the various grips, etc. and see what works best for you.


I always use the good ol' EMS. I just hook that thing up and let it run intervals for about 3 x 5 min on/ 3 min off. Remember to use it on both sides correctly and evenly in the same areas.


for me 1 arm pullups and heavy weigted pullups were best for lats, i donno about other excersizes, didn't really try them...