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Best Exercises for Hamstring Strength Other Than GHR


i dont have access to a glute ham raise station anymore but i need to kick the shit out of my hamstrings as im weak off the ground in the deadlift right now! any help or suggestions appreciated


Good mornings. Deficit deadlifts, because you said you're weak off the ground. Literally and deadlift variation. I personally like Romanian deads, because of the stretch I can get when I do them.


Do you have access to a lat pull down machine ? makes a great improvised GHR .


I agree with deficit deadlifts to improve strength from the floor. I also like RDLs & elevated SLDL too.


band leg curl is a good finisher/extra workout exercise


Swiss ball leg curls and box squats with lots of sitting back and a long pause.


cheeers guys


I'd always do GHR before every training session. If you don't have access to one, leg curls are a good alternative. Doing 25-50 total reps before every training session will help loads on your total training.


Put the smith machine bar at it's lowest position and put some weight on the bar to hold it down then use a bosu ball, if you need padding to save your achilles use a bar pad. Bam, GHR


I don't know how well it works for a serious power-lifter working to improve dead-lift, but I found that HEAVY stepups after a session of box-squats followed by a variation of the dead-lift heavy on the hamstrings helped me get from 350-400. (dead-lift) (I was also weak off the ground). Also what others said about the deadlift on blocks.

I could really feel the step-ups hitting the hamstrings heavy. So maybe they are worth trying out. I tried to go fairly high rep, and until failure on them as well. But that goes without saying.


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GREAT IDEA! goin to try that later!