Best Exercises for a "Slow Off the Floor" Deadlift

I’m a very slow off the floor deadlifter. When i go for heavy weights, my very slow start is casuing my lower back to round. What corrective exercises can be used to create more speed off the floor?

Check out CTs 915 program.

I had issues with my dead in the same spot. 7 months ago i couldn’t get 425 off the floor. I added speed work - 4-8 singles @ 65-75% and 2" deficit deads in the 3-5 rep range. I pulled 500 in the gym 2 weeks ago and will pull more than that at my meet next weekend.

Speed pulls, snatch pulls, deficit pulls. Also working on front squats as assistance and quad strength will do a world of good IMO.

Just went to gym and talked to Dale Rhodes my first weightlifting, powerlifting coach, ive known since i was 15, he was good Olympic lifter not quite good enough for Olympic, but he coached a couple who made US team. Anyway at 41 he started powerlifting, along with Olympic lifting, natural at 187lbs had these lifts at 65years old, 640,370,640. He is almost at his new goal 10000 reps with 500 lbs in squat between 60-70 years old, he will beat it in like dec at 69 year’s. I saw him doing an exercise i haven’t done in 15 years when i first start strongman i did not have atlas stone. So i improvised by putting the bar in power rack at about bellybutton height, dropping under bar fast and exploding upward , front squating weight from below parallel, any way i am conventional puller, i think i did like 315 to 365 for singles and after three workouts bar flew off ground with 585. That was in my late twenties, and i had great flexibility, start out light , as most lose balance at first.