Best Exercise/s for Building Steel-like Tricep Tendons?

JM Blakely believes that the JM Press is the best exercise for building steel-like tricep tendons.
The kneesovertoesguy belives that it is the cable-machine French press.
Which exercise does Christian Thibaudeau belive is the best one for building steel-like tricep tendons?

I am guessing your modified French press would not be the one as its partial range purpose is for maximising tricep strength lockouts.

That would be my recommendation. I’ve been using it for a few months now and logging it on my personal log. It’s a great movement to progressively overload on, is very easy on your elbows, and still provides a great pump and feel. I can almost assure it’s helped “bulletproof” my elbows and Tricep tendons at least to a certain extent. This has been on top of grappling 2-3 days a week.

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I have been doing this exercise recently and I am very pleased. It hits the long head of the triceps and I don’t have any pain in the joints, elbows or tendons. I do it with a straight lever, but I think a V-handle will be fine too.

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Actually, it would be.

The kneeovertoes guy’s whole belief system is based on stressing the tendons while they are as stretched as possible. Which certainly has value, but I see it more as a high volume exercise (as in high reps/longer time under loads), which is certainly a way to develop tendons, especially if done with a slower eccentric phase.

However, tendons strengthening responds first and foremost to load. In that regard, partial movements that still lengthen the muscle/tendon system to a decent degree will be your best bet to strengthen your tendons. That’s, in part, why the JM press is also a very good exercise. Top half close grip bench press from pins would also work well.

To be fair, think for best results you need two exercises: one to load the tendons and muscles throughout the longest possible ROM (overhead french cable french presses definetly fit the bill) to develop tendon structure (make them thicker) and one that greats a large overload to put the tendon under the highest possible load while still having sufficient ROM.

The first one would use higher reps and/or a slower eccentric phase (as well as a pause in the lengthened position) and the second one would use lower reps.

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Thank you very much CT! Makes perfect sense.