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Best Exercise for Weight Loss

I love when i see things like this http://channels.netscape.com/ns/homerealestate/package.jsp?name=fte/stepitup/stepitup&floc=HR-1_T

Just take 10,000 steps a day and we’ll all be in better shape. A person thats 300 lbs could take 10,000 steps a day and if thats all hes doing, hes still gonna be 300 lbs. I love how its titled “Best excersice for fat loss”

actually for the people who are really out of shape, walking is a good choice for fatloss. It keeps the heart rate low and out of muscle burning territory and it gets the blood flowing. it’s good to conquer the baby steps before the longjumps. laters pk

Yeah, i know. Some people see this and just think its the cure-all though

There is no best exercise or routine. What really matters is how you utilize the exercise

Haha, bear in mind that these “program” really are geared for people who can lose weight if they chew twice as long a day as they usually do…