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Best Exercise for Rear Delts?


I find the reverse pec deck to be the best. What about you guys?


theres like 2 exercises for rear delts dude

those and face pulls.


kroc rows for heavy weights, and face pulls or band pull aparts for higher reps


I'm a fan of reverse cable flys.


Anyone use bent over lateral raises? I think that movement allows alot of cheating/can tax the lower back too much if you load it up alot.


What color band do you use? Or poundage/ type of band?


There's always doing them facing down on an incline bench, like in every one of CT's articles which includes rear delts :wink:


Rear delt flys work for me


wide grip pull ups


Bent over rear DB Flyes. Hold on to a support with the free hand. Have found a kind of extended set works well since I do 1 arm at a time. Do reps 1 arm, swap, then back to the first arm for 4-6 more.
X2 can use heavier weights. I am up to 50lb DB with a pause at the top.

I also use a lifeline fitness old fashioned "chest expander" or "strand pulling" helps shoulder stability greatly and from rehabbing a labral tear surgery, but good pump in rear delts too.
currently use 2-3 red bands and do bow & Arrow for each arm, then overhead pulls to front, side press, overhead pulls to rear.

Recently got 16kg kettlebell and it works teres,rhomboids and rear delts just from keeping shoulders in place from swings.


I like the bent over laterals. That is my fav. I feel it hits it the hardest, well for me anyways.


I find deadlifting gives me incredible DOMS in the rear delts. While soreness is not neccessary for growth, I'm still willing to assume the deadlift is a good rear delt builder because of this.


what is a face pull


You are a freakin' beast.

No homo.


For variety and freaky skills try working towards a front lever or a lower variation of. I started doing the progression on dragondoor and within 4 weeks I'd built myself a nice looking set of rear delts and teres major, and this is someone who'd previously never trained rear delts and didn't even know the teres muscle existed.

Also featured on beastskills.

Best bit is all you need is a bar, if you ever get to the point of wanting to add weight to this exercise you're a freak :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol thank you sir.


This added inches to my rear delts.


Damn Dude, Lookin huge.


somethin like that


Thanks I will be trying these, any tips?