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Best Exercise for Obliques


I been working out for a number of years now, and my abs are alright, but for some reason, I cant seem to get my obliques as defined as i'd like them to be. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best excersise(s) to do that target the obliques?


I like to use the back extension piece of equipment but sit in it sideways. Hold some weight to my chest. Start the rep bent over facing the ground. Finishing by twisting up facing towards the ceiling. All the while keeping my body sideways in the extension equipment. Focusing on using the obliques to twist.

I don't think my description does this exercise justice. But it kills my obliques. Had an "OMG ABZ" guy show me this...


Good 'ol DB Side Bends or Reverse Cable Side Bends (check Best of Abs article) should do the trick. Go heavy.


Thanks fellas


One of my favorites; Single arm cable pulldowns, high cable position, and stand so you are on a 45 degree angle to the grip (so you're pulling down on an angle down into your hip with the handle). Keep a straight arm and hammer away.

Control the handle on the way back up.

You can add quite alot of load for this exercise.

This is great for oblique and serratus training.

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Looking at your pics, I am not sure that is really the issue. Those obliques may take a lower body fat level to be seen well even though you are pretty lean as it is.

I personally avoid training obliques directly because it would make my waist wider.


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You've got some freaky size and strength, I just think its gonna come down to tightening the diet or adding some cardio to see those cuts in your obliques that you want.

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I've had serious aching after doing side bends heavy although I hate doing them.

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Thanks my man, I was talking to a trainer the other day, and he pretty much said the samething...cut down the body fat, and the obliques will show through. Ive started to incorporate speed and ladder drills into my leg workouts, as well as hitting the bike to cut the body fat down. Im gonna try and get some footage of that for the site as well. Thanks everyone for the advice and compliments.


But what if i would like to make my entire core larger (making a blocky look).

My issue is that i have big "lower obliques" (obliques menor??, the muscles that are closer to the coxis/hip) and tiny "upper" obliques (obliques mayor??, the muscles closer to your lower ribs, aside of the middle portion of the rectus abdominus)

Would russian twists (while not doing side bends or similar) do the trick?

What about the hanging leg raises, it has been said that it's the exercise that puts the most stress in your obliques.