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Best Exercise For Hamstrings?

This is a lacking muscle for me, I’m curious what you guys think would be the best exercises to help them catch up. I do a large variety, but if there is something to really focus on.

I tried glute/ham raises and all I can really do are negatives… 2x5 left my legs extremely sore.

dead lifts, romanian deadlifts, good mornings, etc… etc… romanian deadlifts, good mornings neglect the small head of biceps femoris, but are still unreal hammy exercises due to the loading involved… plan old deadlifts done correctly are almost impossible to beat

another thing I have to suggest is having a hip dominant leg day where you focus on the posterior chain… if it’s a lagging body part prioritize it… you’ll have to give more info on your current level of training to get more specific help

first, if GHRs are really hard … ummm … DO THEM … i heard something somewhere (don’t know where) about 10x3 - try it?

also on some website somewhere i saw something about specializing 3 lifting days per week for a lagging body part … once again somewhere (don’t know where) - try it?

what the other guys said … deadlifts, hyperextensions, GHR - do them?


Thanks guys. I’m following Chad Waterbury’s full body work outs currently. I don’t know how to tell for sure if my hams are good enough, I can stiff leg dead lift the same as I can squat, is that about right?

I am performing all those exercises already, thanks for the input.

The problem with glute ham raise is I can’t really do one, it is just a negative. They cause me to get so sore that I need 3-4 days of recovery before I can lift again. So while they do hammer them, it keeps my frequency way down.