Best Exercise For a Smaller Waist

Lindsay asks:

I just read your article on the slimming waist and have some questions. I used to have a very slim waist with minimal obliques. But lately I have found that my obliques build easily, while my inner core has slackened.

I’m trying to find good exercises that slim only the mid (isometric). You recommended stopping abdominal training altogether but i don’t think this would be a good idea. I’m trying to achieve my previous body of maintaining my core but with no obliques. Would you recommend doing isometric or would you recommend doing nothing? As I have tiny hips even a tiny bit of oblique makes me look out of proportion for a woman.

easy, stomach vacuums

x2 on vacuums.

yeah do minimal ab work say just one lower ab move and no twisting moves.

It brosciencey but deadlifts, squats, and one arm upper body work can build up the obliques on some people so avoid those

Do stomach vacuums but you don’t need to avoid squats and deadlifts like RampantBadger. Read this article: Is Your Ab Workout Making You Look Fat?

Yeah the biggest guy at gym i think has pro card when i asked what happened to cutler how did he lose ab distended, he said pro,s dont go over 400lb on squats deadlifts he was huge 6,3 320 off season 280 cut with veins the size of pencils, prob mor to it.