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Best Exercise Bands?



I travel a bit and want to buy some heavy duty exercise bands I can use to get a quick workout on the road, just throw in my bag and go. Most of the ones I can find on the net look too cheap, or like they don't offer enough resistance.

If anyone can give me some recommendations I'd appreciate it.

Here is a link to the bands they sell on EliteFTS, which are used in conjunction with the weights, which is not what I'll be doing. But perhaps the lightest band would serve my purposes?


Any ideas or links to other good products would be welcome.



Depending on how much money you have available, I'd stick with Elite and get a mini, a monster mini and a light band (purple), maybe add an average (green) if you get them before your trip you'll be able to test them out first.

Iron Woody do similar types, which are comparable by all accouts.


I've got a pair of red, purple and orange ones. Not sure of the correct designations though. But I bought them at the same place (elite) as you. Good shit. I love'm.


My recommendation for your uses...one single band set: JC Predator Bands.

You can get them on performbetter.com

Adjustable, durable, and can have as little/much tension as you can want.
Hope this helps.


And you use them like how I want to use them, just by themselves?


I've never tried these but I like the specs on em...


look into the TRX, not bands, but it will give you a better workout


Definitely the best exercise band on the market.


Those look like a huge gimmick and require a sound anchor up above you. Maybe in the army (where they get their marketing clout from) there's lots of things around to hook to, but not so much elsewhere. Thanks for the link though.

Anyone else tried TRX?


Don't buy any band thing with attachable handles like this. I speak from experience, and you can read many other scary stories online, they all snap eventually and can seriously injure you or break something. I shattered a mirror, much preferable to my face.

I guess I'll just try out some of the elitefts bands.


You haven't used one then. For travel they would be great. You can hook them to a door with an anchor sold separate. I know of a trainer that will hook it to a tree.


Jumpstretch are basically the same thing but an inch longer.


From the article:

Iron Woody Short Bands

If you've been reading TMUSCLE training articles for years now, you've probably noticed a theme: a lot of our experts use bands. From dynamic and max effort strength development to rehab and prehab work, bands have a lot of uses, and most of us around here own a few pair. Most of us don't train with them alone; rather, we add them to weighted exercises, like dumbbell bench presses.

We've been using Iron Woody bands for years, the same few pair in fact, and they've stood up to a lot of use and abuse, so we were glad to hear that the Iron Woody folks were offering shorter bands now in 12 and 20 inch length. This is cool because the standard 41-inch bands have to be doubled over for use with some movements.

The 20 inchers are great for benching variations and deadlifts. The 12 inchers work very well for side-to-side walks, the exercise popularized by guys like Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson.

You can get these short bands in widths ranging from .5 to 2.5 inches wide, all of which make great sex toys. And of course, the wider the band, the heavier the resistance. Prices range from $6.50 to $37 dollars a pair, depending on lengths and widths. Packages are also available. Check them out at IronWoody.com.