best excircises to work your neck and hip muscles

Have any ideas?


Anything but the 4-way neck machine.

I’ve heard nothing but injuries about those things.

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Mamann - that was freakin hilarious!

Man, I had a good response to this earlier, and it got lost. Makes me angry.

Anyways, get a head harness and you can attach weight to it. Also, look up “combat conditioning” by Mike Mahler on t-mag. It goes over neck bridges.

As for your hips, refer to what mamann said.

Hey Sargent,
For what purpose? The combination of the two lead me to think wrestling? So I’ll answer along that idea. State your goals if otherwise.
First make sure you have good dynamic and static flexibility to each. Then neck harness like JWright suggested and neck bridges (incidently, if turn the bridge face down and roll you have a neck flexibilty exercise coach sonnon recommends). For hips: hurdle drills for flexibility, and for strength Olifts and hybrids, deads, reverse hyper extensions, good mornings, wheelbarrow walks and farmer walks etc.
Just some thoughts,

The neck harness is a great piece of equipment, but I have to disagree on the bridges. I’'ve known too many people who did them and fucked their neck up but good. One guy who I know here in Japan is just now recovering from a neck injury that he sustained from too much bridging. He wore a neck brace for something like two months, was on pain meds for half a year, and had to take about 15 months off from lifting. And that’s just the most current case, the one that comes to mind right now.

I have a great deal of respect for MM’s knowledge, and there are probably a lot of people out there who are naturally thick-necked and can do bridges without any problem. But there are also a lot of people who aren’t, and if you’re worried about developing neck thickness you’re more than likely one of them.

Word up.

I agree, char, that bridges aren’t for everyone. I know if I try to touch my nose to the ground, my neck hurts so I don’t do that. I asked a wrestler, and he said he would do them with stomach up, then flip while on your head and do them stomach down. He showed me, and he didn’t go to nearly the arch shown in pictures on here. Just arched enought to rotate and get a good roll going.

Neck Bridges aren’t for everyone, and if they hurt, don’t ever do them again.

Hey guys,
I’ll clarify a bit.
I agree somewhat about the bridges. I never saw touching your nose to the mat as a sport specific range, seemed too great, so I never went that far. I also think that if the base strength isn’t enough you may have an increased likelihood of injury, much like what some people have found when keeping the weights the same but going from parallel to full rock bottom squatand pulled a hammy or strained their back.
Like I said, I answered this from a wrestling perspective, if not wrestling DON’T BRIDGE, stick with the harness.