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Best Ester for Low SHBG?

I’ve very low SHBG 12 nmol/l

Curious as to others experiences with low SHBG and what esters you guys are on?

Thinking that perhaps low SHBG could determine what Ester is best and vice versa, was thinking a longer Ester may be better as it hangs around more and longer for the body to process.

I’m on Test E for 8 months and not really feeling how I should but have tried Testosterone Undecanaote before and felt a higher kick and libido from it.

What protocols are you low SHBG guys on and what results are you seeing?


My shbg is 20-23 If thats low. I got a high response on injection day. On e3d 50mg atm. Ed injection was just to much for me feelt like my cns was over acctivated. Any bigger dose then 50mg allso feels to much. Im only 2 weeks in on this but i hope this Will work. If it dosent i Will get 30mg Eod. Im on test e. The injection site allso makes a diffrense. Im i Injecting deep in to quads with 23g now. Was using 30g in delt for 7 months before this but it feel like it peaked dht, feelt angry and irritable all the time.

Generally the more androgens in your system, the most suppression of SHBG. My SHBG doubled on TRT (13->24). I don’t think anyone is going to be able to tell you what ester will work best for you since its very individual, no two men will respond the same.

I will say frequent smaller injections might minimize the impact TRT has on your SHBG. The Nebido is produces a flat hormonal profile and probably why you felt good on it.

Could you explain your thoughts on Nebido more?

I’m thinking of asking my Dr if I could maybe switch to Sustanon instead which is a mix of esters.