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Best Ephedra Product...


Any ideas?


Ephedra or ephedrine? Because ephedra (the plant extract) has a lot of other crap in it that isn’t so good.


Oh… well ephedrine then. Sorry, didn’t know.


I would say just do a Google search for ephedrine (the actual molecule), and see what you get. I don’t think there is really much of a difference among brands, so just choose the best deal. There are a lot of offers that come up and it will probably run you about $20 for 24 doses. You need to fill out a certain form before you order online though for most vendors. Some DEA thing with making meth from this molecule.


Thought it was illegal to sell with caffeine or as a fat-loss/performance supplement?


It is illegal to sell as a fat loss supplement, but it’s not illegal to sell as a bronchodilator/expectorant

do your research OP


You can get plenty of ephedrine pills in small doses like 8mg. I use Kaizen Ephedrine HCL for cutting. It’s like 10 bucks and you get tons of pills.


They don’t sell it as a “fat loss” aid, but as a “bronchodilator” and doesn’t come with caffeine in it. That makes it legal to sell, but only in limited quantities because of the DEA and problems with methamphetamine.


You can buy it in pharmacys. It’s sold as bronchaid or primatene (probably others as well). When I get it, it’s in the isles (not behind the pharmacy counter) and you bring a card to the front counter and they grab it from behind there.

24 pills of bronchaid is like 8 bucks. Each state has different laws regarding how much you can buy in one month because psuedo-ephedrine is a precursor for meth production.

I’ve been using ECA for a while now and I like it alot.


Thanks for all the help guys!