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Best Energy Drinks


Im just curious as to T-men's opinions on Energy Drinks. Ive had a whole lot recently, one or two of each. I havnt really paid too much attention to the nutrition facts, im judging by taste and buzz.

Red Bull - The classic. Tastes pretty good, gave me a thirty minute buzz.

Kronik, Low Carb - Tasted kinda like a YJ Stinger, sans the chemical color. Pretty good buzz, not as intense as I expected.

Rockstar - Tastes phenomanal. Awesome buzz, maybe two hours worth.

Amp - Wierd aftertaste, decent buzz.

BooKoo - A whole lot of drink. I couldnt even finish it. Tastes ok, wired me like a christmas tree in Rockafella Center.

No Fear (Sobe) - Had to drink a few in order to actually feel anything. Then it hit me all at once. Made me extremely jittery- ADHD style- for two hours. Then I got really thirsty for ice cold water.

These are just a few. Whats all your favorites?


If anyone has any nutritional concideration I have certainly not cleared, by all means jump in. though, I doubt any of these are remotly healthy for you.

Concider, some people drink coffee before working out. When I was a freshman in High School, it was some crazy Japaneese Import energy drink only made in Japan.

Id imagine you could compare the taste to Camel Ball Sweat, but the energy was completly unmatched by anything you can find in a 7-Eleven today. Im talking real feel good energy, not these artifical 'rushes' we've so come to expect today. Ive lost my connect to get these magic drinks when I graduated, but once a while I'll see them advertised on the Japaneese channel on satalite.


Have you tried Spike?

This ain't no caffeine/taurine limp-wristed buzz; we're talking a nice 6-8 hour head rush.


These are just highly caffinated sodas.

I'd rather have a Coke than any of them, not that I ever drink Coke.

Follow TC's advice.


Redbull tastes like shit.
Rockstar tastes like double shit.

Diet Mountain Dew isn't classified as an "energy" (neither is the double sugar regular Mountain Dew) drink but it does give you a bit of a perk and it actually doesn't taste like shit.


Monster is pretty tasty, but I can't comment on the buzz. It takes a lot to make me feel anything. I can drink a triple espresso and not feel much at all.

EDIT: Also Rockstar Cola. It's kind of hard to find, but it really doesn't have that repulsive taste most energy drinks have. Because it's a cola.


Has anyone tried Zipfizz. I bought a box of 20 for $20.00 at Costco. It comes in a powder form in a tube that you mix w/water. Each serving contains 100mg of caffeine, 500mg Vitamin C plus a lot of other vitamins. It taste much better than other Energy Drinks. Gave me a good amount of energy wo/the crash.


You beat me to it. I was going to suggest 1 Spike and a glass of water. Took one this morning at 9 and it's still going strong. It's also significantly cheaper per serving and non-caloric.



Mountain Dew? You mean nectar of the 'tards. Forget where I heard that but I almost fell off the couch laughing. So true!


Whatever happened to the Biotest energy drink?


Coca Cola's Full Throttle is pretty good when you can find it.
Personally, I miss NitroSpeed; 200mg of ephedra and 250mg of caffiene.
Sure wish someone would bring something like that back now that it appears ephedra may be legal again (hint, hint).


ephera being LegaL?



Right here, right now. I buy ephedrine pills by the bottle at any gas station. And they're cheap. Each has 25mg of ephedrine, just like the old ones.