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Best electric razor?


I’m looking at purchasing an electric razor, and was wondering what some of you feel are the best. I’m not crazy about electric razors, as the two I’ve previously tried did a real crappy job, especially around my neck/under my chin. I previously owned a Remington micro screen (the one that they always had commercials for way back), and also a Braun, with the 3 heads.

Anyways, it’s been quite some time since I last used one, and figured that the newer ones would be better. Experience, recommendations?

I don’t feel that electric razors are useful unless you like to keep some stubble on you. If you must be clean shaven, you’re going to need a blade like the Mach 3. I tried a Braun model for a few weeks and it sucked ass.

I like the higher-end Norelcos.


I have the Braun razor with the self-cleaning base, and I LOVE IT. It cuts really close on the cheeks and down the chin line. I haven’t found an electric that does well on the neck, but this one does a pretty good job. All you have to do is make a few strokes with a Mach3 afterwards and you are clean. It’s never cut me, and it feels great. Good luck with your purchase

Thanks, guys.

I do use a Mach3 now, but for sake of saving a few minutes, I thought the latest and greatest electrics might be better than they used to be.

A few of my friends like the self cleaning Braun as well, so I may give it a shot.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I hate shaving. Major pain in the ass.

This may sound a bit anal but if I’m going to go through the effort of shaving I want it done right. Regular razors do a terrible job on my mustache area and always leave nicks. No problem on the rest of my face. On the other hand, the Norelco does a great job on my mustache area and a terrible job on the rest of my face - stubble AND razor burn sucks.

Guess what - I use the Norelco for the mustache area and a razor on the rest of my face. A Norelco will do a decent job if you give it the break in period, but never as good as a razor. Mach 3 is the best.