Best Elbow Sleeves for Carryover on Bench?

Was looking into getting some elbow sleeves and am looking for personal experience/suggestions.

I’m looking for a sleeve that can give me some extra poundage on my bench, I have a fitness standard for my sport that has serious incentives on if I hit a certain goal. Sleeves are allowed so I am going to get some.

I was thinking about mark bell’s strong sleeves.

I never found that I got anything out of elbow sleeves.

I use SBD, a few of the guys I know swear by the Giants Pro dual ply sleeves, the Cerebus ones look identical.

Everyone I know who use elbow sleeves have SBDs. It does the job apparently. I think there’s also some more heavy duty elbow supports available on the market.

Any particular reason you are going elbow sleeves over the slingshot or some rip off of it?

This just popped up on my feed. I don’t think it’s what you want tho on second glance lel

If they are tight enough then there should be some carryover, and obviously the thickest sleeves will add the most. I have a pair of grey Rehband sleeves that I bought when I was having some tendinitis issues a couple years ago, I stopped using them because I realized that they added about 10lbs. to my bench. They are pretty tight though, they have stretched a bit but I only use them for squatting now. Also, I was using a fairly close grip at that time, it makes sense that more elbow flexion would get you more out of the sleeves. Keep in mind that these are some of the thinnest sleeves on the market too, the part on the outside of the joint is 5mm and the inside is 3mm. I know that some people say that you get nothing out of elbow sleeves but that is my experience, if you aren’t trying to cheat then I would recommend getting a loose pair.

I have heard of meets in the olden days that allowed people to wrap their elbows, is that allowed here? Also, Inzer makes sleeves (elbow and knee) that appear to be made out of wrap material and are adjustable, I’m sure that you would get something out of those if you pulled them as tight as possible.

Im going sleeves because they are allowed for our testing and training, while using a slingshot is not, I’ll look at the video anyway, still looks interesting

nope wraps are a no go according to the rules, sleeves are good to go though and I’m not trying to cheat, its well within the rules for what I am doing, just looking for the best advantage

So your thinking with some thick sleeves I could get 25 pounds or so?

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I have no idea how much you could actually get, both thickness and tightness are to be considered. So my guess is that the best ones for you would either be the SBDs or something similar, or the adjustable Inzer wraps.

The dude in the video said he stopped using SBD elbow sleeves cos they helped too much lel. If you haven’t already them some 36inch wrist wraps and a grippy bench shirt like the A7 shirts could probably boost your bench a bit. Maybe find the thickest compression long sleeve you can and wear it in the smallest size you can fit in for some pseudo bench shirt action.

The Inzer Elbow “Sleeves” are looking like this

So I dunno if you’ll be able to use em cos they are pretty much halfway to elbow wraps.

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I looked at those, probably too close to wraps to scrap by rule wise, I’m down to either mark bells strong sleevers or SBD’s I’m honestly having a really hard time deciding, I heard mark bell sleeves are fairly stiff and pretty springy

Buy both. Wear both one on top of the other. Easy


It was for squats but Chris Duffin did a review of both ( pretty sure he did some squats wearing one of each sleeve on each leg). From what I remember he said they’re pretty much the same just the Strong ones are slightly cheaper so he would go with those, but he’s pretty good buddies with Mark Bell so may not be completely objective.

So knee sleeves lel…

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Whatever you buy size it right to get more out of the sleeves without your arm going dead after 10 seconds. Depending on what the test is like 1RM or short time or max reps with two plates it would be more beneficial to buy the tighter or looser size

If you want reviews there’s a decent number on YouTube mostly of the SBDs but no comparisons between the two. I’m gonna recommend SBD cos it’s an awesome brand and the elbow sleeve is thicker I think.

Spend a little money upfront to get the Big Money on the back end!
Sounds Optimal!

Well I’m down too two options, I was literally about to order mark bells strong sleeves and then I saw strength shop had triple ply elbow sleeves, called odin’s I think. Anybody ever heard of these or think they are a better idea. They are not IPF approved which makes me think they would work better than a neoprene sleeve

Dunno never heard of them. IPF approval isn’t about effectiveness it’s about paying big money to get IPF approval just ask Pioneer Belts. If you look at lots of Pro strongmen and what they use for their pressing cos they can wear whatever there’s a lot of other brands around or maybe they just get payed good money.

Triple ply sounds cool but honestly I have no idea what that means lol. Doesn’t look anything special. Pretty cheap though so I dunno if that’s good or bad

ordered a pair of triple ply elbow sleeves and knee sleeves and it only cost 65 bucks with a discount code and the knee sleeves being on sale. I’ll let you guys know how they feel and give a review