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Best during workout/sport drink???

What does everyone drink during their workout? Water, Gatorade etc.

What does everyone think is the best drink to take while you are playing a high intensity sport like basketball?

in the weightroom, water. Iplay basketball, and depending on the duration, one of the smaller gatorade bottles with 10g glutamine. always worked well for me

I’ve done well with a BCAA/Glutamine mix during the workout. About a 40-50g dose sipped throughout the workout will get the job done.

In the weightroom—1 scoop Surge in 600ml of water during workout and the same immediately after. For endurance or team sports (45 min or longer)—I second the Gatorade/Powerade with added glutamine.

The best way to stay hydrated is actually diluted gatorade. Gatorade is a bit too dense with sugars/electrolytes. Thus, it will suck water into the stomach to be able to diffuse, further dehydrating you for a brief time. Water has no sugars/electrolytes, and thus will take a long time to diffuse as well. The best balance is the stuff you give babies when they are sick… pedialtye, but the easiest thing is to just dilute gatorade.

I see that a few suggested glutamine but I read a report on here that basically says its its not all its cracked up to be.

I can’t drink any sugar/protein drink while doing any form of exercise or I’ll puke or get a huge upset stomach. Just can’t do it. Gatorade actually gives me heartburn, go figure. I always just drink water.


I second “not jared…”

water is all I can handle if I use any intensity at all

when I was younger I used half-strength gatorade

I’m suprise to see that PowerDrive was not mentioned yet.

Thank God I’m not the only one.

and Thank God someone didn’t call me Jared for once.

I thought PowerDrive is to be used before an activity not during.

I like to take PowerDrive, and 5g Creatin in Club Soda w 1g vitamin C 30 minutes before workout.

During the workout I sip water. Halfway through I drink 1/2 serving Surge, and agin immediately after.

If you look for the powdered Gatorade or Squincher, you can mix it in the desired strength. I mix it a little light to avoid all of the sugar. I drink about a quart during basketball but about half that during workouts.

Im a surge man.

Take 2 scoops in a quart bottle to the gym, add water and start sipping at beginning of workout.

After i drink some of it I fill it back up, and leave about 1/3 bottle for post workout.

I have tried other variations with fruits and some protein powder and that never worked right.

Glad I dont have stomach issues with it.

ULTIMATE ORANGE…I wish it were still available in the states. My workouts were very vigorous, quick, and painful while I had the ultimate orange…

Since I can’t get any supplements worth mentioning where I live (Thailand), I just mix Whey protein with glucose powder, creatine and BCAA’s. I take half a serving before a workout and half a serving after. During the workout, however, I drink lots of water.

You want to talk about tough on the stomach try 40-50 caps bcaa during GVT.
That sucked, I was burping all day.

For you guys that have trouble stomaching drinks. Dilute them the best you can and drink over a long period of time. Like try starting 20-30min before you lift and continue all the way until your done lifting. Or maybe just have some before and some after.

I do agree that absorption probably is not optimal at times when your training.
I don’t think our body was designed to digest and move at the same time.
I think Serano talks about this from time to time.


hi im soory on my english but
can some one plese explain to me
what is surge?where did i get it?
and what it does?
bty-im awieghtlifter{israel champion}and i will be happy to now what are the best supplements for recovery for me?thank you for your time

amit- surge is a post-workout drink sold by biotest. Click on “Store” on the left of the screen, and you’ll find it there.