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best drugs

before I start this thread, a warning.

if your moral views are in any way against drugs and you are going to lecture me, don’t. I don’t care. I am not a junkey, although I know some.

now where were we?
I havent been in the states for five years and wondered whats up with drugs, whats new and exciting.
spil it out - prescription combos, sex drugs, party shit - I want to hear.

I like:
sextazy (phew…)
alcohol and ephedra (for raves)

Ive heard shit about clomid together with ritalin and weed. good?


You’re a tool.

no kid jokes cause Im pretty old.
thnak you CMC.

I second CMC. You’re a tool.

OK im a tool. vanity is my favorite sin.

pearl jam girl: this is an offtopic forum. drugs ARE my health and fitness. come live in Israel and you will understand.

any non-hypocrete, concious people here?

LOL, prljamfun, I just realized this bourd HAS A DRUG FORUM.


steroids are not drugs. right.
caffeine? naaaaaaaaa
alcohol? sugar? hell no!

dream on.

Pretty much tried them all in a previous life many moons ago, but I gotta agree with bigprljamfan. Off Topic or not, I’m guessing you’re not going to get much response on this site.

Besides, you do realize that your computer can be tracked and your transmissions can be monitored and recorded and you can be found?

Something to think about before you get into talking about that stash of X in your underwear drawer and that pound of weed under your bed…

Good point, glute-spanker, but we all know that all the talk in the Steroid Forum is purely hypothetical and for research purposes only, right? :wink:

tracked? you live in movies dude. Im not a dealer or anyhting, why would anyone track me?

and as I mentioned earlier…
on a side note can you share your drug info? and not in a “it was so cool man, I got out of my body” way. save that hippy shit for your old hippy get-togethers.

thank you.

glute, last time I checked, drugs like ecstacy and what not didn’t have any health benefits at all.

Besides, the guys you find posting on the Steroid forum aren’t talking about going to raves and getting injections of Sustanon or Test Propionate. The reason they have that board is so they can discuss and formulate cycles to help benefit their bodies.

Theres a big difference between writing down what you plan on doing for the next 6-9 weeks and following that plan to a “T” as opposed to going to a party, seeing some sort of pill, popping it and then waking up the next morning with killer back pains lying next to a 15 year old girl named Tracy.

there is no difference if your scientifical about it…I dont take any pill I see, Im not a teenager.
you dont like E? fine. ppl here are using all sort of crazy stuff for their mood their dick or whatever. whats the problem with sharing with the S-man?

dont be so dogmatic, that lame.

“dont be so dogmatic, that lame.”

I’m not being dogmatic. I’m being logical, you should too.

I’ve had many opportunities to do all kinds of drugs. The thing is I’d rather do other things than fuck up my body. No, my parents haven’t lectured me on this for hours on end and no the TV commercials aren’t getting to me. Its just being logical.

I just did a power point on drugs that decrease sex drive and performance and you just named some good ones. be careful dude. I do some stupid shit with my body but you can fuck up with drugs once and its over. Thats pretty hard to do with steroids, caffeine, and sugar. Alcohol is boderline. the deleterious effects ecstasy, weed, and other “party” drugs can have on your body are really sabotoging your physique efforts.

The issue, S-Man, is not the morality of drugs. The issue is that you’re a fucking moron if you use Ex and other kinds of drugs, especially when you throw alcohol into the equation. It’s just fucking stupid.

I knew what I was getting into with this post but I dont care. and IM NOT going to get into an argument as to why taking experience enhacing drugs is morla just as taking performance drugs, good looks drugs, hard on drugs or whatever.

just worshiping a body thats going to be dust in a few years is lame. experiencing life’s fullness without remorse or guilt isnt.

how are the “film threads” supporting your bodies? or TC’s talk of sex and dolls? you sound like Mr mackey from south park!


I have much more to say here about that but that will do

wanna “flame me like a burger”? go ahead, this forum is pretty good at it. people here are pretty good at being righteous as well.

goldberg, I knew I’ll get a straight answer from you. thats why Im scientific about it. Ive read a lot in the past about stuff I took, and I didnt take much and not gonna take much. Ill be happy if you can ellaborate thanks.

BTW, I just did 20X3 with short rest as you suggested on bench DE and it was superb!

Ecstacy has both serious short-term and long-term undesirable effects on your body.

Spend some time in the ER of a city in which a rave is going on, and watch a 16 year old perfectly healthy young girl die needlessly from these “harmless” drugs. I have.

And I’m not preaching about the moral issues at hand here. I could honestly care less. But there are some important practical issues that any intelligent person should examine.

What ever happened to Nyquil in original green death flavor?

(props to Dennis Leary for that one)

Me and my bro were eating dinner last night and the CNN news ticker read the following: “Why drugs are bad: Malaysian man on drugs gets high, cuts off his penis, fries it, and eats it.”
Tubesteaks anyone?

An example of what DocT is speaking of: I was on call at the hospital this past weekend for a 30 hour shift. My psycho ex called me at 4 in the morning the night before so I didn’t get much sleep. Saturday night, a 32 yr old guy came to the ER w/severe chest pain and admitted to taking Yellow Jackets (ephedra). His coronary arteries went into vasospasm and one of them basically clamped shut. Half of this dude’s heart is now shot to hell and he will inevitably have heart failure in a few years. Of course everyone reacts differently to things, and millions of people take this stuff with no adverse effects. However, if you have an underlying disease that you don’t know about, certain drugs can make you aware with a kick in the ass. I’m not preaching, especially since I took some Hydroxycut to stay awake that day. It was just kind of a wake up call because this guy looked perfectly healthy and obviously had no idea that taking a pill he bought in the gas station could cut his life short by many years. Sure, he had mild underlying coronary artery disease, but by taking a pill he greatly accelerated the course of the disease and almost died. I’m switching to mud-like coffee.

Scrub-Your ex called? How did that go man?