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Best Dose of Nolvadex to Boost T Levels?


I was reading somewhere that a super low dose, even liek 2.5 mg 3x a week is supposed to boost t levels as much as 12.5 mg clomid 3x a week, basically that it should work well.

Ive been taking 2.5 mg every two days, so like MTS sort of schedule… so far i have crashed liek hell since switching from clomid which was working but causing visual sides that were intolorable…i feel like shit and i think the clomid was workign before, now i got low t effects in full force… i was only takign clomid like 5mg twice a week and it was working great for me… WTF with the god damn floaters… but for some reason this Nolva is not hitting me as well at all, maybe it just takes a couple weeks to start working? i dont know…

im wondering whats a good dose to work with?? i know if you go too high you can wipe your libido out to zero… also i know women who take it for breast cancer end up with fatty liver, although i dont know how much they take, i think its liek 50mg every day or some huge amount… im afraid of that, but ive heard some good reports of guys doing well on Nolva

whats a good dose?


We all have to take things individually. I am definitely sympathetic to wanting to take a low dose, I wanted to go down to 12.5 clomid EOD, but I’m at 25mg clomid ED now after trying 12.5mg ED.

I have seen some reports of low doses of clomid work for some, but they are likely outliers.

The suggestion in the HPTA restart sticky is 20mg nolva EOD.