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Best Dosage for EQ/Test Cyp Cycle?


What would be the best dosage for a Equipoise/Test Cyp cycle? I've searched throughout the forum and found different answers. What are your guys' opinions?


Depends on your goals, ancillary drugs available, sensitivity to sides and the reason you have chosen the drugs…

Depends on age and sex. Depends on experience too…


Male. 23 years old. 5’6 170 pounds, extremely lean. Planning on staying on for 8 weeks. Chose EQ and test b/c I want to gain lean muscle. Was told 300 mg of eq, and 200 mg of test a week was a good dose (sounds extremely low to me though). Also was told I only need to take nolva post-cycle and thats it.

My first cycle was 2 years ago which consisted of Test E, Deca, and D-bol. Gained 30 pounds in 3 months, didn’t like the water retention though.


Cool, thanks.

OK… Eq is a very long acting drug, and takes approx 7 weeks to build to peak levels. 8 weeks is a fine length but you will need to frontload the dose (shoot more the first shot to achieve peak levels faster/immediately preferably).
I would opt for no less than 400mg of Eq and around 400-500mg test…

If you are to avoid the water from any amount of test, you’ll need an AI. This is also necessary to avoid gyno and to make sure estrogen doesn’t cause health issues from being too high above ‘natural’.

The cycle i’d employ may be similar to this:

Wk1-8 Testosterone Cypionate 500mg/wk (250mg 2x/wk) [Frontload with 730mg on day 1]
Wk1-8 Boldenone Undeclynate 400mg/wk (200mg 2x/wk) [Frontload with 665mg on day 1]
Wk1-8 Arimidex 0.5mg ED

Wk10-14 Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20 (dosed daily)

This will be a very effective cycle, with good gains, and with the concurrent use of the AI (Arimidex) you will have little water retention. The Eq will really highlight your musculature in your low fat physique, and a good 10lbs of decent quality muscle could be possible from this cycle.

JMO :wink:


Already started at the dosage that was recommended to me. I’ve only been on for one week though. Didn’t front load. Would it be wise to up the doses to what you recommended now?


Why ask what dose if you are already using a specific dose?

Jesus christ.

Anyways, there is no reason you cannot frontload from tomorrow… after 1 week at the dosages you explained you’d frontload the Eq at and the Test at then continue at 200mg 2x/wk and 250mg 2x/wk thereafter.

Did your friend tell you that you would not have gotten the peak level from the Eq after 8 weeks - shortchanging yourself?

Also - you mention you started… this means you have a finite amount of gear… do you have enough for the cycle i gave even?


yea i do have enough. i knew you’d blow me shit for asking questions after i started the cycle, that’s why i didn’t mention it at first. thank you for the advice though, it is extremely helpful.


One small change in Brook’s recommended cycle:

Wk11-14 Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20 (dosed daily)


If I want to use 500mg eq per week, with a frontload and do shot every 3.5day(250mg/shot),(Monday morning and Thursday afternoon), what would the frontload be? I´ve tried to get steady level at roidcalc but I cant figure it out, sorry :confused:


I want to use 500mg eq/w with a frontload to peak faster, what would the frontload be if I pla to pin each 3.5 day(monday morning, thursday afternoon)?
Also wants to use 200mg of test/w with it, frontload for that?
Roidcalc making me confused, thanks in advance lads!


Injecting the weekly amount on the first day appeases me. I know it’s not precise as it could be but it’s simple and get’s the job done. The formula to get an exact number is somewhere on this board. Do a google search maybe.


This is what I do with long esters specifically.