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Best Dog for A T-Man

I don’t want to run over quota here, :smiley: but I don’t think we’ve talked dogs for a while. What’s your opinion on the best T-Dog out there?

The best t-dogg for sure is the Doberman. They have it all brains, beauty and alot of attitude and they are so loyal they will die for you. I have two and they are the best

A Rottweiler. Who doesn’t want a giant Germanic bear-dog in their yard? Their nice with kids too. At least my uncles Rott was nice with kids. Didn’t like me very much, though…

Real men own chihuahuas. That way people know that you aren’t compensating. Just kidding. The wife and I have two golden retrievers.

American Pit Bull Terrier. Most loyal dog in the world, the ultimate security system too. I’ve had mine for 2 yrs. His name is Chaos, and he’s tha shit. Had him sitting and staying at 2 months with a pack of hot dogs. Best thing I ever did was invest in a Pit Bull

Around here this’ll probably get me labeled as a limp-wristed pansy; but I’ve always liked having a cat myself. Less hassle, and I get quite a bit of amusement out of the little bastards.

That said, German Shepherd I guess, just because my family had the most loyal dog ever (who could also easily kill anyone. Period.) and it was a German Shepherd.

Buddy of mine has a black lab too; nice dog but a pain in the ass as puppies.

Boxer, American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Dane, all these breeds have their appeal.

Bull terriers are good dogs to, I’ve been told withought proper training most boxers and great dane’s are sissies. I had a cat but i just couldn’t stand the smell, cleaning the litter everynight got really old not to mention disgusting - cat shit is the worst.

American Dobermans, like most other European working dogs that Americans have been breeding into show dogs (Rotts, GSD’s, etc.), are usually plagued with health and temperament problems as a result of piss-poor breeding programs. We breed for looks, the Germans breed for workability. Unless you can get a performance bred Dobie from titled, European parents, or one from a similar American breeding program, I wouldn’t recommend one. This is, of course assuming that you want a working dog as opposed to a “showroom floor” model. I like a smart, trainable dog, so for me a T-Dog is any canine from performance lines, or one that has the necessary blend of genetics and temperament to take training well.

In ancient time cats were treated as gods … they have never forgotten that. I gotta go with a Vizlsa as we are prob going to get one soon to go with our German Shepherd.

As some may know, my wife and I have been rescuing pitties, am staff’s and staffie bulls (basically, all the same breed) for some time, so I feel qualified to comment on them. Pro’s: loyal to the death; hands down the top athlete of the dog world; unmatched tenacity by any animal on earth (including humans); incredible temperment towards humans; let me repeat: incredible temperment towards humans; very smart and trainable, love children; can do any job or activity that you want them to do better than many breeds bred for the specific purpose. Con’s: stubborn, usually attract the worst type of people as owners; neighbours will hate you for owning one; love to fight other dogs if challenged and will cause a lot of damage to that dog. Even if well socialized to other dogs as pups they will often fight anyway, therefore must be kept away from other dog. Pit bulls are not for everyone and are usually too much dog for most people. You need to have a lot of time and love to have a pittie, but if you put in the work, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful friend you could ever ask for.

Demo Dick’s absolutely right about the breeding issues surrounding Rotties, and I’m sure other breeds suffer from this as well. Even so, I would never purposely seek out and research any other breed. It just wouldn’t be worth my time. I’ve owned Shepards, Labs, Rotties, a Malmute/Wolf mix and Bouveirs des Flanders and my hands-down favorite are the Rotties.

Speaking of cats though, I’d take a Maine Coon, Abyssinian or Persian. They really are fun and much lower maintenance than dogs - but you just can’t take them hiking. :frowning:

I’m going to go against the grain here and say the best dog is a mutt. They’re generally smart, loyal, and can be pretty interesting depending on what combination you get. My dog is part Staffordshire Pit and part, um, something. But if you want to get into specific breeds, my vote is for a Staffie or a Rottweiler.

Karma, every heard of Chaussies? They're a domestic/jungle cat mix. They get up to 30lbs, act like dogs, and like to swim. If I ever considered getting a cat it would be one of those. Maine Coons are pretty cool too, though.

“Bow wow wow, yippie yo, yippie yea, the sound of the dogg brings me to another day.” I have an Australian-shepherd mix. Not sure what he’s mixed with but appears to be possibly part German shepherd and Chow. He’s actually quite handsome and is nonaggressive and very friendly and loving to all people and animals. Pretty smart too! But I think he’s gay. He humps other male dogs all the time. I think he learned it from my dad’s dog (Dalmation). He’s a handsome dog too, but he’s also gay. I let my dog play with my dad’s dog, and now they are the two gayest dogs I know! Besides my dog and my dad’s Dalmation, I think Dobermans, Rotweilers, Pitt Terriers, Mastiffs, Labs, Retrievers, Great Danes, Huskies and those Weimeraner dogs (sp) are all cool. I’m down with most dogs as long as they aren’t a waste of a dog.

Yes, some dogs are a waste of a dog. I’m talking about anything small and incredibly ugly with a lot of yapping and no true value. These are poodles, chihuhas (sp) and any other type of dog that is small and rodent like. If you’re going to get a dog, get a real dog. Don’t get a mini, ugly, yapping, piece-of-shit-of-a-dog dog. Nate Dogg knows doggs! Feed a dogg a bone!

I have a Pekinese, but I want a Bull Mastiff. Like the one in “See spot Run”. Unforunatly I don’t have the room in the house or the Yard for one yet and I refuse to adopt one until I can do it right.

Nope, never heard of a Chaussie. Are they more of a South American concoction? From what you said, I think I’d love them! Maybe something to think about…

Hey did I hear Viszla’s mentioned, I was going to post regarding them but Hymphz beat me to it, Ive had 2 over the past 20 yrs and a couple of terriers b4 that. The Hungarian Viszla is a hunter/pointer/reteiever, medium sized russet gold dog with the same texture coat as a Doberman, Ive got a bitch and she is great fun, everyone loves her and I dont have to worry about her attacking anything or anyone. Anyone got a Jack Russell?

Here’s some info for you


Glad to see you like Vizsla’s too. We live right by the beach and have a big back yard so we should have enough room, lol.

For those who can’t have big dogs (apartment or whatever) or need to be different (seems like everyone who thinks they’re “bad” has to have a Rot, Pit or Doberman…its so cliche): The Shiba Inu - the attitude of a dog three times its size, the agility of a cat and the looks that will get women to swoon (the last clause is said tounge-'n-cheek, but I have met more women with my little guy, just walking around. I am thinking about renting him out to my single friends). I have had dogs since I was young, and I have never had one as smart as my Shiba (everyone says that, but trust me. I am not afraid to say I have one of the dumbest cats…ever). I have also never had a dog with a developed sense of humor like he has (eg he will sneak up behind you, pinch you on the butt or the rear legs (with his front teeth, but not too hard) and take off running, among many other sometimes endearing/sometimes annoying “tricks”). I like aggressive animals, and the Shiba is very aggressive (not really towards people… more towards other animals and when playing). The Shiba is also very loyal to its master, but it can have only one master. It will consider itself “2nd in command” (this is annoying to my wife, but funny to me). The Shiba is relatively new to the States and is pretty rare (I have only seen 2 others). They also don’t have as many genetic problems because they have not been bred as badly (yet). If you don’t know what a Shiba looks like think “minature Akita” (or search the web!). If I were to consider a cat, I think I would go with a Bengal because they are rare/different and are very wild and unpredictable (which sounds fun, but could suck!).