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Best DJ Software/Equipment


If you are a DJ, what software/equipment do you use? Why?

I'm looking at a Numark mixtrack pro. It comes with standard software, but I would imagine there are better options out there.

I'm not necessarily looking to DJ professionally, just create my own mixes for parties, events, etc.



Well industry standard is Pioneer cdj1000 mk3 with a xone mixer. If your using software traktor/finalscratch or something else with a controller will due.

Personally I like anything that can take USB sticks cause I hate lugging around my cdj book. I use to use ableton and a controller but that was just as much work. Now when I go play the place where I do has Pioneer DJ400's they work great and sound good less of a price tag then the 1000's. If I have any remixes its easy to export and play them from USB sticks. Also the 400 has a really nice looping function and cue play setup. But don't take my word for it. Get out to your local shop and demo shit. Try before you buy.