Best Diet to Combine With WSFSB?

Hey all,
I’m looking to do WSFSB but I do not know what kind of diet to combine with the program. I am 6’0 185, I am fairly lean could definitely tone up and would like to do so. I know that I want to get as big as I can using WSFSB. What kind of diet should I maintain while on this specific program?

What should I have on the lifting days and what should I have on the cardio days? should they even be different?

Just eat a lot.

3500-4500 calories with significant protein. One gram per pound of bodyweight is a good number to shoot for. Get lots of carbs around your workout time.

Honestly, eat like crazy on that routine and your strength will skyrocket. I added about 50lbs to my 3 rep max bench in about 6 weeks.