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Best Diet & Supplemental Plan


Hey folks,

I was wondering if you guys could help me out building a good nutrition/supplemental plan for my off-season. My goals are to build as much relative strength as possible. Therefor I am following Cheat-to-lose at the moment to get my bf% down (at least under 10% from an 11.5%). I will re-measure that after my first cheat day. I want to follow a WS4SB template during the off-season.

Now I was thinking about nutrition and supplements. I thought that a good clean diet (a la cheat to lose) would be appropriate. What do you guys think?

I am not sure about the supplements though. Usually I would just drink a heck of a lot of protein drinks and add in some Creatine before or after my workouts and add some fish oil, magnesium/zinc, multi-vitamin, iron and "joint-pills".

I had decent results with that in the past, but now I want to take it a step further. I read through the T-Nation page but all I am is confused, especially with the different supps available here.

Plus I was wondering if there are any supplements (that are not banned by athletic associations) that mimic anabolic effects/results?

So please help me put together an "optimal" supplement plan?!



Why iron? you vegetarian/vegan?


Definitely stay away from the iron, it is a no-no for men as it can contribute to heart problems and we get plenty in our diets both because a lot of food is fortified with it and because it is naturally present in grains, green leafy vegetables, and meat. They make multivit/min for men without iron for just this reason.

One supplement you are missing that should be on your list are branch-chained amino acids (BCCAs). You'll want to read up (search the articles) on pre- & post-workout nutrition, and having a small pre-bed meal with slow digesting protein, a bit of low-glycemic carbs, fish oil, and fiber to help your body repair and avoid post-work out catabolic states.

Beyond that, you can add numerous supplements if your budget allows. I'd make sure that my workout plan was optimized first, as that will have a much, much bigger impact on your goals than adding more supplements.


yeah, so I will cut out the iron. I just used it because i read that a lot of milk (i drank a lot of it in conjunction with the protein), would hinder the iron in your body. but okay cut that out.

today I read that the best supps (also for my approach) would be Flameout, BCAA's, Surge, Mironized Creatine and Beta7. So I guess I got my staples organized. Another thing I am worried about is, do you think I should fit HOT-ROX Extreme in there, too? Or just do it before the off-season starts?

Does anyone in general have exprience with using HOT-ROX extreme in a sport season?