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Best diet for HST

Hey all. I am just starting HST…currently doing my SD, before I begin the program. It seems like I should be doing a LOT of eating while on HST. Is that correct? (I need to be eating a lot anyway, as I have a high metabolism, and find that even 6 small meals a day doesn’t provide enough for me). Would appreciate people’s feedback on the best diet for HST training. Thanks to everyone who replies.

Massive Eating Part I and II


Also Bryan created one, here's the link:

www.hypertrophy-specific.com/ HSreport/iss04/eat_size.html

Isn't SD a pain ??

The best diet is the one you stick to…

High metabolism?? Maybe you’re just not eating enough for the amount of calories you burn…

From your post I recommend that you not try to make this “perfect”. Even you do everything “right”, shit happens. You’re not going to be able to address every single minute detail. Read the articles, decide, then just freakin go for it. Croooz

thanks guys for the advice, I appreciate your willingness to help me on this. And Mikeh…absolutely SD stinks! I just started what I guess is 10 days of no lifting. I am going to work abs though. I can’t handle not working my midsection. Are you doing HST? Did you? what was it like? would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

HST is the bomb!

great growth in muscle & in strength & less wear & tear on my joints.

progressive loading has really brought up my lifts.

i luv it!

Are you doing HST? Yes (3rd cycle)

Did you grow? Yes, however lost 4 lbs over holiday vac :(

What was it like? After SD the first week of 15's will feel great (pump) also helps fix some aches and pains. The second week will kick your a$$ (like meltdown training). The 10's are like most workouts. The 5's are tough. Negatives or 2-3 reps are tougher and my joints / tendons start to go before the mind/muscle. That's were I stop and start 12 days of SD.

Here's an added bonus, most of my old PR are now my 5 rep max. Good luck!

Mikeh:thanks for the info on your experience with HST. I appreciate it. I will be happy to let you know how it proceeds, once i finish this dreaded SD period. What are you planning to do after HST. Also, during SD, I am wanting to still do ab work. Is that OK? thanks

What are you planning to do after HST?

I plan on lifting HST style until I stop growing (HST also helps tendons after weeks of 5's and Negs) I might swap in a month of EDT or 5x5 around April when I start to loose some fat for summer.

Yes, you can still do ab work during SD.

What day do you start ??

If you’ve got a fast metabolism, than I would follow a “massive eating” protocol while using HST. Make sure you pay attention to your post work out nutrition, using surge or a good high protein, hi carb drink. I’ve used HST while dieting and while trying to gain size and strength and have found it an excellent program for both. I also find it’s easier on my joints (bad shoulders). For dieting, I even like it better than 5x5 training. I also experience rapid strength and size gains when eating big and training with HST. After 18 yrs. of consistent training it’s one of the few programs that still gives me good results.