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Best Diet For High Performance Fat Loss

Hi CT,
I recently started your High performance fat loss plan and I a very satisfied with the results as I am looking leaner and leaner on a daily basis. I am dieting on a 750 calories deficit taking the cardio into account.
My question is about the notes regarding 40-60 min steady state cardio on training days, is it the same cardio outlined post workout or is it a separate cardio session other than the post workout cardio.
Also, I would like to know your opinion if it is better to use a moderate carb diet or a low carb diet while on this plan.
Thank you for your knowledge :slight_smile:

The way I do thing with body comp clients, and this will be explained in an article I just finished writing, is as follow:

PHASE 1 (3-4 weeks)
Smallest caloric deficit
Low carbs (only keep carbs post workout)
High fat
Protein at 1.25g/pound roughly

PHASE 2 (3-4 weeks)
Decreased calories vs. phase 1
Increase carbs slightly (by adding carbs in the evening0
Moderate fats
Same protein

PHASE 3 (3-4 weeks)
Keep decrease calories
Increase carbs again (add carbs in one of the two periods you are having them)
Low fat
Same protein

PHASE 4 (2-3 weeks)
Lowest calories
Bring carbs down (keep only post-workout)
Low fat
Increase protein to 1.5g/pound

THIS LAST PHASE IS ACTUALLY. A STUPID THING TO DO It is something that will have side effects like feeling like crap, and maybe leading to a temporary drop in libido and could lead to a fast weight gain after the competition/photo shoot. Which is why I never do this with “normal clients”. it’s for those who need to get down to ridiculously low levels of body fat.

Thank you so much coach. As informative and as kind as always.
Thank you so much :slight_smile: