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Best Diet for Fat Loss at 20% Bodyfat?


I am currently trying to cut down to at least less than 15% bodyfat in the next 4 or 5 weeks. Currently I'm following Berardi's get shredded diet but they say it's not for people whose bodyfat is as high as mine (why is that anyway)? Currently I'm 20% body fat at 270lbs. I'm also using clenbuterol if that matters. Thanks for the help guys.


You're right; you don't need a diet as restrictive as Berardi's plan to go from 20% to 15%.

Not nearly as restrictive! This is not a hard task!

Wanna know how to do it? First look at my thread titled "What the F--- is So Hard About Designing a Basic Diet" thread to pound some sense into your head.

Then multiply your weight by 10 to 12 to get total calories per day that you most likely (although not definitely) need to eat to lose weight.

Then design your diet with the foods you like.

Also include one or two shit meals a week - WITHIN REASON. A burger and some fries is a cheat meal, not a soup, salad with oily dressing, burger and fries, and a dessert. A few slices of pizza is a cheat meal, not half to a whole pie.

Clenbuterol helps, so it matters. But I assume you even making such a post like this indicates, you're seriously lacking in nutrition education AS A WHOLE, that you're in no position to use an aid, let alone design your own diet (which you're asking us to help you do).


Who uses clen to go from 20 to 15% - a simple task?

Save your money and learn how to design diets.


But will it work? It's what I've been on for a week already and I love it. I love the discipline and the carb cutting hasn't bothered me too much. I don't see how it will F me up or anything if I continue to do it, right? Or is there something I'm missing?


Do you have a link to your thread? I copied and pasted what you said the title was and can't find it anywhere.


2 grams per pound of animal protein per day with any green or fiberous veggies. no fruit for 2 weeks then you can bring it back in. supplment with 30 grams of fish oil perday spread evenly. so six meals equals 5 grams of fishoiil at each meal. avoid dairy, soy, gluten, carbs etc. take whey, glutamine and glycine post workout. this is standard poliquin stuff that ive used with clients and my self to get lean quick


Two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight?

MAYBE in some circumstances it is needed. In most it's not. I'm not saying your approach isn't working with your clients; you know what's going on with them.

However, you don't need to supplement with so much fish oil or restrict food or grain intake to get down to 15%. In fact, you don't need much restriction or supplementation at all!


lol@ no fruits or carbs.

Evere heard of the anabolic window, or only eating a potion of carbs when:

  1. You wake up in the morning(Blood Sugar Is Low)

  2. After your workout(Blood sugar is low!)

@ OP. Listen to brick. Space out 5-6 meals, 1 being your peri workout shake.

Morning: Fast Carbs, Protein

Mid Morning: Protein, Green Veg

Lunch: Protein, Green Veg

WORKOUT: protein shake, fast carbs

Dinner: Protein, Green Veg

Before Bed, Protein


Sav: Thanks.

OP: Of course a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet will work! All I was saying is they aren't necessary to do some non-Herculean thing like going from 20 to 15.

I myself used the RFL diet, which is even MORE restrictive than JB's diet. RFL for me was about 1200-1300 cals per day, and ZERO starchy carbs except one cheat meal per week and one five hour carbup per week.

If you have no patience, do it. I just don't think you're a good candidate because your posts and questions show you lack nutrition education in the first place (nothing wrong with this), so it will be hard to manage weight when you stop JBs diet.


ive never understood why people are so willing to jump head first into a very restrictive very strict diet before even attempting a basic clean food only diet . for most just swapping the junk for real food and adding 20/30 mins walking am and 20/30 mins walking pm would probably create a deficit of about 400/500 a day.


For me (someone who went from 425lbs down to 180 in 18 months, then back up to 225 - and at 210 right now) I ran the gamut. Cut out junkfood check - 50lbs lost. Cut out drinking. Check 25lbs. Dropped simple & refined carbs BAM 75lbs. all in a year. April to April.

Super restrictive dieting and overtraining.. 95lbs in 6mo. BUT I damn near killed myself doing it, and the bungee effect was even worse when I hit the skids.

Now, it's more a matter of not trusting myself on anything but a super restrictive diet. For some people it's a discipline thing V-Diet, keto, Stillman I can handle. GSD looks appealing, but the high fat content (even if it's healthy) scares the hell out of me because fat and carbs make me crave MORE fat and carbs. I dunno, it's fucked up.


man thats some weight loss well done . what was your reason for gaining so much in the first place .


Oh man... That there is the million dollar question. Ultimately, it boils down to this: I was ALWAYS fat. Fat family. Fat kid. In college I lifted a little and got stronger but stayed fat. I loved shit food: potato chips, steak & cheese subs, pizza, burritos, PASTA! and I was an emotional eater-when things went right, I ate as a reward. When things went wrong... You get the idea.

So, it wasn't a situation where it happened over night or all at once. It took a few years and sitting at a desk job 10+ hrs/day eating shit food in excess and not moving to go gain the 130~ish lbs from my "normal" range of 315-320 up to grotesque land.

I have no excuse, really other than I was lazy, complacent and not a happy person.


at least you done something about it where as so many others just reside theirselves to the fact " this is how it is bla bla bla " good on you man again


This right here: CRITICAL. Seriously, a more crucial aspect of this (or any other super-restrictive, insane diet) is hyper-crucial. When you decide to you might like to do the GSD, personally I think you need to read Get Unshredded first. 3 times. Then read it again the day before you start GSD.


And after you're done getting Unshredded, you NEED something like Precision Nutrition, http://www.precisionnutrition.com/products/system
or even something simpler like the diet plan outlined in Waterbury's Body of FIRE (which is really just PN for dummies in a way. Or, at least, a paint-by-numbers PN plan) follow it for 4-8weeks while you're reading PN and learning all the shit that will keep you from getting fat again.

All of this is stuff I wish I'D learned before I crashed and burned coming off a super restrictive diet. Had a read Get Unshredded first, I would have known what was happening to me, known what to expect in the first place, and known more about how to cope with it. Instead I popped back up 45lbs in a matter of weeks.

When Berardi goes into this part: "I wanted nothing more than a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Well, that bowl became a box. And that box, another. Three boxes of cereal and one gallon of milk later, I was lying on the floor in a carb-induced coma.

The weird part is that I wanted to stop at one bowl. Then at one box. But I couldn't. I was really hungry and didn't have a plan. And once I started eating and the insulin kicked up, I couldn't stop thinking about the next bowl. I was literally obsessed with eating more..."

It's no joke. It can't be stressed enough.

For me, it started with giving myself a treat I'd earned after reaching my final goal. One of those Starbucks cheese-filled pumpkin muffins they start selling in October every year. That opened the floodgates to waver afterwave of cravings for ice cream, cookies, pie, cheesecake, you name it... The sweet tooth hounds sprung from the gate and tore into me with overwhelming ferocity. I was so unprepared. And confused. I'd NEVER had a sweet tooth. Ever! I was the salty, savory carb-craver in the past. Why wasn't I at least craving potato chips, pizza, subs, burritos and lasagna? It made no sense! (actually, that part sweet vs savory STILL doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me. None of my old carb standbys appeal to me now. Pizza? Chips? Blech. I get kind of ill if I even try to eat them. The smell of them makes me queasy. But sit a cake or pie in front of me and I have to dial up the self control in a big damned hurry).

Anyway... I'm not the right person to talk anyone down from a restrictive diet like GSD, because I've gone even farther over the edge. It works. It can fuck you up, but you'll see results.

Just please know and understand what you're in for when you come off of it.


This. Don't use all the tricks from the get go, or else you won't have anything left once things stall out.


Find 5 or 6 easy to make meals you like that you can easily be portion controled. Yes it will get boring but that is part of losing weight. Food becomes just that something you like but do not have to love and becomes just fuel for your body.

When I eat less after about 5 to 7 days my stomach shrinks and I get full easy. Then after about 3 weeks you will be on cruise control and the months will start to go by before you know it.

Examples of easy meals often involve things like hard boiled eggs, chicken breasts, sealed frozen fish filets and protein shakes.

It is true some of the people with the best figures have the most boring diets. When you reach you goals you can really learn to cook and have a healthy portion controlled gourmet meal for dinners etc on weekends.

Keep the shit out of your house. If you are going to cheat force yourself to do so away from home.

Obviously keep carbs low, food clean and do not overdo it on healthy things like fruit and especially natural peanutbutter when really trying to lose weight.

Things that work for me when really wanting to lose weight is often skipping breakfast and luch and looking forward to sex at night instead of pizza and beer.


also, get it in your mind that food is no longer something to taste. It is only Fuel, concrete and rebar to build and maintain.

You can add all the salt and spices you want to a grilled chicken breast but it's still a grilled chicken breast.


Hey Brick, have you ever personally had to drop from 20 to 15%? Personally, that was the hardest part of cutting for me. It took me years to figure out how to do so in spite of eating a clean 40/40/20 diet. 15 to 10 was much easier, as I felt I had momentum going and finally dialed in to what my body needed. I don't know if it's always the most encouraging to tell a newb that their goal is "a simple task."


Going down from 20% to 15% is a simple task. It's the total newbness and overanalyzing that makes it hard.