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Best DHT Shampoo or Alternatives to Finasteride?

As the title suggests looking for the best alternatives to finasteride.

Minoxidil and nizorol I was going to use together.

Any other good products worth adding. I’d rather limit hair loss as much as possible on my cycle of Test 400mg a week.

Prone to balding would just rather hold out as long as possible

Another option would be to switch to a compound known to be less androgenic than testosterone

What would you suggest? I was going to just stick to an anavar only cycle but I know a lot of that is faked with winny, which would just be worse than test. Any pointers be great

I don’t suggest drugs considering I haven’t used many of them

I’ve used

Deca (up to 140mg weekly)
Anavar (up to 25 mg daily for three days, otherwise 12.5mg daily… and it wasn’t anavar)
Dbol (up to 20mg daily, used 40mg for one day)
Mast (up to 200mg weekly)
Test (up to 250 weekly)

Not all at the same time. Testosterone was seemingly by far the most androgenic

How old are you? If you know youre prone to it, then youre doing it to yourself. Rogaine barely works. Just go short haired and expect it to go away. Im sure its a good look as long as youre not bloating in the face.

Is steroid related hairloss usually permanent or temporary shedding that could grow back?


Masteron would be the bad actor in terms of hair loss.

It’s individualistic, for those not prone to losing hair, none would be

When I refer to androgenicity I’m referring to

  • growth of body hair (accelerated rate or new hair)
  • acne
  • body odour alteration
  • increased perspiration due to sebaceous gland hypertrophy

For me test is 10x worse than mast

As to the test vs mast argument. For those predisposed, mg/mg mast is probably worse… But pure DHT (5a reduced test) is worse than mast.

For shampoo look at DS Labs Revita. The new one has CBD oil and good efficacy. Nizoral will dry the crap out of your hair.
Also, find a good compounding pharmacy and get a mixture of 10% minoxidil, tretinoin, azelaic acid, .1% finasteride, biotin and hydrocortisone. Now you have a lotion that stops the bleeding ( blocks DHT in scalp) and restores hair without nasty side effects.